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Interview with Brandon Iron

Interview with Brandon Iron
 by M. Dickinson

1) How long have you been in the industry?

I did my first scene back in 1991 with Ashley Nicole for Bonfire of the Panties but did not perform on a full-time basis until 1997. I love what I do and it has been a fun, rewarding experience.

How did you get started?

I have been a lifelong fan of the industry and always wondered what it would be like to create the kind of product that I enjoy renting. I enjoy real, unscripted,
unchoreographed sex scenes where the performers really try to make a connection. I don’t enjoy bad acting and avoid features. For me, the best scenes were always the
simplest: good chemistry between motivated performers.

Have you had fun in the industry?

There is some hokey saying on bumper stickers that reads “A bad day’s fishing is better than a good day’s work.” I feel the same way about the adult industry. I was never a go-to sort of guy. I’m nervous, anxious, and unreliable as far as performance goes. Having said that, I have had some of the most amazing experiences in front of the camera and visited some interesting places that I would never have
seen outside the industry. Places like St. Petersburg, Russia…..Vilnius, Lithuania….Prague, Czech Republic…..Budapest, Hungary. I have great memories of
incredible women from each place.

One partiular moment stands out: getting a blowjob on Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii, by a great young lady. A guy noticed us, walked over to ask what we were doing, and — suddenly and without warning — the following comes out of her mouth: “Would you like me to suck your cock, too?”

He agreed!

We drove down the volcano to find a place with more privacy and she got him off as I shot it for INTENSITIES IN 10 CITIES. What a free spirit! What an incredible stroke of luck for that guy! How fortunate was I to be there to capture it? I swear it is all real! We also did some parasailing, too, and it was a great time.

2) Are you concerned with the rights of the adult industry to make and produce movies/web clips?

Yes, I’m concerned about anything that has the potential to censor free speech. I’m more concerned with the entertainment industry’s copyright protection rights as
a whole. Having invested heavily in my content, it’s more than dismaying to see it pirated on tube sites. Some people laughed when Metallica went after Napster years
ago but now the problem is in the adult industry’s backyard. It’s hard to sell ice cream to eskimos and it’s even harder to sell content to a generation of young
adults pre-conditioned to file-sharing and free downloads. Small producers like me will be wiped out in short order.

3) Could you talk about what it is actually like on a set, as far as having ID, signing model releases, having a AIM test, etc? Have you seen or heard of anyone in the
legitimate adult industry knowingly using minors in films or the web?

I don’t understand this misconception as the overwheming majority of producers and companies run law-abiding, legitimate operations. The content is made with adults, for adults, by adults. The underground child pornography rings that are prevalent online have absolutely nothing to do with “mainstream” adult companies but some people find the line blurred. I don’t know why. It could be that many
conservative people are offended by all pornography and do not want to discuss it at all. The illegal stuff is lumped in with the legal stuff. Court decisions and prosecutions of companies such as Extreme Associates do not help matters in the public’s eye, either. I wonder, though, if the same thought pattern is held to the investment banking industry when Bernard Madoff is in the headlines. Where is the

Here is what a standard booking goes with my productions:
1. Agency contacted and talent is booked.
2. On day of shoot, talent arrives. Scene is discussed. IDs are checked and copied. Health tests are exchanged (many industry members go to the same clinic, AIM Healthcare). A woman’s limitations are always respected. ie: no kissing, no spanking, no particular name-calling, etc. I usually just ask a “do’s and don’ts” and I’m careful about avoiding the don’ts.
3. If the model is working for a particular website, I show her the site so she can see how the final product is presented. This is also discussed with her agent as
well so she can see the work beforehand.
5. Model release completed.
6. Photos taken.
7. Scene shot with as many breaks as needed…or not. Sometimes things can go
quickly depending on the experience level of the performers.
8. Hugs and kisses! Lunch or tea!

I don’t know of any producer who knowingly hires minors. There is simply no interest in that market and you would not be welcome for long in the industry. There is too much public exposure and the risks are too great. I love what I do but I would like to keep doing it. I cannot produce movies or website updates from inside a prison cell.

4) Do you ever get offended by shows like South Park or Family Guy? What do you think about shows/writing that offends people?

I think Bruce Springsteen had it right when he sang “57 channels and nothing on.” If you have deliate sensibilities that are offended by off-colour humour, turn
the channel. You are an idiot if you are a slave to the idiot box. Where is personal responsibility? Don’t I still have free will? Can I still vote with my wallet, my attention, my choices?

Personally, I love Family Guy. It’s ribald humour is exactly what I look for and I find it more entertaining than most shows. As much as I love Carol Burnett, I don’t
think her lawsuit had any merit when she sued the producers of Family Guy over her portrayal on the show. She’s a public figure endeared by millions. Being skewered for a few seconds on tv takes nothing away from her stellar reputation or iconic status in American entertainment.

5) What do you think about some of the stuff that pushes the limit in the adult industry, stuff like Max Hardcore,, JM Productions?

I have no problem with any content produced by consenting adults. Having said that, I would like there to be clarification for obscenity standards so that you
know when you are breaking the law. It’s the only law where you don’t know when it’s broken until you’ve been charged. Give producers clear guidelines: No scat,
no beastiality, no children.

6) Have you ever been asked to do a scene or something on film that you thought was crazy and wondered if it was offensive/legal? What was it? Did you do the scene or
the act anyway?

Honestly, no. I’ve participated in gangbangs, bukkakes, etc. What shocks one person becomes clock-punching to another.

7) Why do you think America has such a fascination with sex and with regulating sex?

I wish I knew. Morality? Puritanical laws? Religion? You would think a country with such amazing freedoms would extend those freedoms to matters of personal intimacy. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to write sodomy laws?
When will the government get out from under the bed and leave the bedroom?

8) A lot of people in the industry have told me that most the people in the industry don’t care about protecting free speech, or really about anyone other then themselves and their money. Do you think this is true? Do you think a lot of the people that are new to the industry care or have any concern about free speech and protecting the right to
make movies?

I think porn is the Wild West of personal freedom, attracting rebels, misfits, and outcasts from all walks of society… it should be.

9) Is the “character” you play in your DVD’s anything like you in real life?

I enjoy all aspects of meeting women and enjoying shared experiences with them. I would never intentionally hurt anyone and this industry has given me the chance to
explore different facets of my personality. I enjoy rough sex but I try to configure my performance towards what pleases my partner. There is nothing I won’t do to make someone feel good.

10) What is the craziest thing you have done/or scene you’ve been in on camera?

There have been some wild times with women for I enjoy participating in scenes that are new to performers. As Maggie Star found out for (one of the sites I do), you can’t fake your reaction to swallowing 55 loads. It either stays down or not.

11) Have you been involved with trying to change people’s opinions about the industry?

I am old enough to know that I can only control my own actions. Each time I work with a woman, I try and leave as good an impression as possible. If a woman would
return to work for or with me again, I’m satisfied. Most do.

12) Why do you think the industry is so caught up on the portrayal of young- a lot of DVD’s always say “18 & 19 years old” etc?

Age-play. Taboos. Forbidden fruit. Every Adam wants an Eve. I guess it comes down to perceived innocence. Over the course of the past decade, I’ve learned just
how experienced the women are….and how relatively inexperienced I am….really!

13) What is your website?
I do 3 sites there and maintain a blog, too. I always respond personally to e-mails, too! Write me at [email protected]

14) Anything else you’d like to add:
Thanks!! was founded by Mike Dickinson. If you want to be involved, offer ideas, or exercise your right to free speech and tell him you hate his ideas please email him at [email protected]

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