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Interview with Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall was raised in a strict Vietnamese household that did not allow her to express herself sexually. A year ago, the Asian sensation decided to make a career out of her sexual liberation by joining the adult industry. Cindy is a regular at upscale swinger events and parties and loves celebrating her sexuality with fun, open-minded couples.

Were you nervous your first time in front of the camera?

I always wanted to try something new. I’m curious and I want to challenge myself. Opportunities came so quickly.  I remember getting excited for my first scene.  I wasn’t nervous about the sex but more about what will happen on a porn set. My attitude is to just get right in there and have fun with it.  I played the girl working in a massage parlor and she is also available to give a happy ending with the right price.  Not familiar with the role since I’d never been in a massage parlor before so I was more nervous about what would I say.  Since English is my second language, it takes a little time to process and translate the whole idea. Luckily, the director understood that it was my first scene.  He laid the process out very thoroughly.  I went in, sold the fantasy, gave it my best try and it was fun.

Were you sexually active from a young age?
No. I didn’t have my first boy-girl sexual experience until I was 18 years old. My mom tried her best to keep me away from boys such as sending me to an all girl Catholic school, keeping me homeschooling, not allowing me to go out without supervision.  SoI  didn’t have much free time to have a normal childhood or teenager years as other kids do. However, from 18 till 23, I basically turned into a complete slut ?  I have sexual desire towards any older men.

What’s your favorite ‘nasty’ act?
I love giving a really messy blowjob.  The more spit, the better. I love blowing bubbles with all my spit and watching my spit running down from my tongue to my titties and down to my pussy.

Do you have any sexual fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled yet, either on film or in your personal life?
I have a sexual fantasies of having sex with two brothers. Real blood brothers that  arewillingly to take advantage of me.

Have you always been a bit of an exhibitionist?
I’ve always been an exhibitionist.  I love trying new things and having sex in a taboo scenario. Experiencing sex with a new stranger is a complete turn on for me. The unknown excites me.

How often do you masturbate?
I masturbate every morning or sometimes twice/day.  I’m the most horniest in the morning and I start my morning by playing with my clit or sliding a dildo in my wet pussy.  Sometimes I have such a big orgasm that my legs got cramped up.  Best 5 seconds ever!

What turns you on?
Older men, foreign accent, military body type, business men, dirty talking, sexting, role playing. All these things turn me on and drive me crazy. All I can think about is fucking that person at that moment wherever we are.

And what turns you off?
Bad hygiene, cockiness, possessive men, men who lead with their money first.

What do you look for in a prospective fuck (in either sex)?
Athletic body type.  I need to get manhandled and a girly body type won’t do it for me. Chemistry is the must. I have to be attracted to him and him to me or else, it’d just be plain boring sex. If I can imagine having sex with you, it will most likely happen. I know how to get what I want.

Are you dominant or submissive?
Both! I can be a teasing brat or be completely your Asian slut.

Hard ‘n’ fast or soft ‘n’ romantic?
I like a little bit of both styles.  Starting with soft and romantic with intimate kissing but then it should go faster, harder to a big finish. Treat me like your girlfriend at first then fuck me like a slut afterward. After all, it’s just sex. I’m up for anything.

Were you a porn fan before you started out in the sex biz?
I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore porn fan but I do watch porn every time I masturbate. I still do now!

And do you remember what the first porno you ever saw was?
I don’t remember but the first time I tried to watch anything xxx on internet was watching a webcam girl. I love watching girls strip for me, her titties and her ass bouncing for me.  They make me cum so hard. 

What makes your movies special – why should a viewer choose to watch one of your movies over everything else on the shelves?
I give it my all in my movies. You won’t get the acting like other porn girls do . If you like to watch someone who really enjoys sex and how she has sex on camera is exactly how she has sex off camera then you gotta watch Cindy Starfall. I make movies for my fans and I’m thankful for the loyal fans i have.

What do you do with yourself, other than shoot porn?
I manage my own business (online store, custom production, clothing).  Owning a business has always give me the control that I need and I’m able to make my ideas come true.
I like to keep myself busy when I’m not shooting porn. I’m not your typical party girl pornstar, I’m laid back. I work a lot off cam as much as I work on cam. I travel when I have free time, I try out new restaurants, I watch movies at home with my kitty.

Do you like to have sex to music? If so, what kind?
I do.  I love having sex to music such as R&B so I can grind my whole body on top of him or give him a hot lap dance.

Is it easy to make you cum? What’s the best way to get you off?

My clit gets me off.  Fuck me hard and fast, use your other hand to play with my clit meanwhile and that will make me cum so hard that i will definitely call you back for the second round.

Who, out of all the ‘celebrities’ in the world, would you give anything to fuck?
I don’t have one! I have many celebrities crushes.
George Clooney: He fits my older man, classy style that I like
Vin Diesel: I want him to toss me around like a sex doll with his athletic figure
What are you proudest of?
Everything! My brain because it keeps me out of trouble in the adult industry. My body because I worked hard to keep it hot for my fans. My personality because it makes my movies so much more fun to watch than others.

Can you tell us something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you, please?
I’m silly, nerdy, goofy off camera. I watch Spongebob Squarepants during breakfast. Sometimes I can be such a big kid.

What are your plans for the future?
I have so many plans for the future! Being one of the top Asian adult performers and bringing my business to the next level which I can’t tell yet since it’s be a surprise.

What’s the best piece of sex advice that you can give to our male readers?
Always be a gentleman, but fuck her like a porn star in bed. If she’s not moving like she’s having an exorcism when you’re licking her pussy,  you’re not doing it right.

And finally, how can our readers get in touch with you?

You can follow me on twitter @cindystarfall, facebook/cindystarfalll, instagram/cindystarfall.
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Love, Cindy Starfall

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