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Interview with Cutting Edge Testing Founder



by Jon

Jennifer Mooney worked at AIM before it closed. I talked to her about the new health centers she has just co-founded.

1 Both you and Bobi worked for AIM. What did you like about working there?
It has to be the patients, they are young healthy and fun to be around, its sorta like we fell in love with them, and seeing them every month you build a special bond, yeah they definitely touched our lives in a way that we will never forget.

2 How did you feel about the way AIM ended?
As great as AIM was to work for, we’re still a little bitter of how it ended.
3 Why was it decided to create Cutting Edge Testing and whose idea was it?

Bobi felt the industry should have the best. So we both set out looking for the right doctor.  We found the best with Dr. Peter Miao.
4 How did you get APHSS approval and was it easy?

We met with Diane Duke and she explained to us that APHSS has certain criteria that needs to be met, and Cutting Edge Testing (C.E.T) met it.
5 Do performers have to join APHSS before they can be tested at CET. What are the advantages of belonging to APHSS?

No they do not. We encourage them to think about it. APHSS is trying very hard to look after the talent’s best interest. With their dashboard you can check to see if a talents test is up to date. That would make it a double confirmation.  You can never be too safe.
6 Who is Dr Miao and why is he the best?

Dr. Miao has participated in clinical research over the years and has written numerous publications in the area of antiretroviral in HIV patients and antimicrobials utilized in various infectious diseases. His medical staff’s appointment included Chairman of the Infection Control Committee, Chief of Medicine, and Chief of Staff at Sherman Oaks Hospital.

Dr. Peter Miao is board certified in internal medicine trained in infectious diseases and has dedicated his life to the treatment and care of his patients since 1977. He is concurrently a practicing physician with a private medical practice specializing in internal medicine and infectious disease. He also is an internal medicine and infectious disease consultant at the world renowned Grossman Burn Center.

7 Why is the HIV test you use ‘cutting edge’?
Our goal is to detect the presence of HIV as early as possible to prevent the spread of the disease. Testing for HIV-1 RNA RT PCR will detect the presence of the virus earlier than all other tests and therefore is much more likely to prevent the spread of HIV. The testing being used here is believed to be the most cutting edge superior assay for the detection of HIV being the most sensitive specific with least chance of false positive.

8 What is now the procedure if a performer is diagnosed with HIV?
First, we will confirm the diagnosis by an eliza antibody test and western blot confirmation test then we will personally support the performer both physically and emotionally thru this traumatic experience. There is a protocol in place to inform the contacts and to inform the production companies.  

9 How much does a test cost?
Our test is $120 for the HIV RNA RT PCR, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea urine testing by PCR.

10 Why do performers need to have regular testing?
It’s the best way to identify infectious diseases and further decrease the risk of HIV and STD exposure.
11 Are there any new diseases or strains of old ones that could become a problem in the future?

So far we are not expecting any in the horizon.

12 Besides regular testing have you any good sexual hygiene advice for performers entering the industry?
Be as safe as possible, use protection whenever possible. Keep a diary of any sexual contacts you have had both professional and in personal life.

13 Has the closure of AIM and the condom only ruling changed performer’s habits about regular testing?
We still encourage monthly testing, as for the condom issue it’s too soon to tell.

14 AIM’s database was hacked. I imagine security of personal information is a major worry for performers. How do you reassure them?
We are keeping it simple and keeping patient charts only in a locked cabinet. It’s no different than walking into a doctor’s office and the nurse pulling your chart.

15 What’s your feeling about the industry leaving LA? Will the clinic move to wherever the industry decides to reestablish itself?
It’s just too soon to tell. I guess we’ll all find out in November.  Now as for the other, people in the industry travel all the time for work, so it really won’t be any different.  

16 Where can people find you on the net?
  or  twitter @cuttingedgetest

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