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Interview with Evan Seinfeld- 10 asian chicks & Tera’s Tatts-Final

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A:  I read for a flick you fucked 10 Asian chicks.  Man, that’s got to be the shit.  10 Geishas beggin for the di-dick!  Is that a lot pressure?  You ever bust too early and have to start over?

 E: In Reign of Tera, my directorial debut, I do a scene with about 12 hot asian girls. I wrote, directed, produced and cast it myself with some great support staff.  It was possibly the best selling title of 2004 in all of porn.  I only fuck Tera in that scene but 4-5 of the girls suck my cock while 6-7 others fuck each other in the background.
Earlier on in my career as a performer, sometimes I have busted too quick.  Normally, what I would do would be do film the cumshot, then take a little break and go right back and film more footage, the postman always comes twice!
A:  (Shit, that works for me.  I heard you guys have to take nut supplements to make the jizz mad thick and white, that’s bananas) What’s good with your groups the Spyderz and Tattooed Millionaires, how would you describe the sound of those bands? Are you going on tour with them anytime?
E:  My main musical project is the Spyderz,   It is modern day fuck you classic rock, melodic, yet punk, heavy, but anthemic.  We have been compared to STP, Guns and Roses, the Cult, Black Sabbath, the Misfits, Social Distortion, ZZ Top, Lynryd Skynyrd, Motorhead, The Stooges, and even the Black Crowes. I think it is original yet timeless, we have so much fun as the band projects our lifestyle, of good old badass whiteboy culture.  Smokin hot chicks, badass hotrods , chopper culture, SEXXX, and outlaw living.

 A:  (I gotta check that out) Be real, are you strong arming Tera into getting tattoos?  Just playin, does she plan on getting more?
E:  Funny thing is that it is nothing like that. As her husband I love it, but as her manager I advised her that it might limit her mainstream work.  She is a big girl and makes all her own decisions.  That is the best part about our marriage, we are both here to support each other no matter what the other wants to do. I mean, when she made up her mind, I took her to Japan to get the best tattoo money could buy, and we needed some real connections to get it right in japan as the tattoo world is totally “controlled” there.  I was tattooed there in the early 90’s so I was in.  My friend Mario Barth hooked us up with Hori Taku and the rest is history. We both love to shop in Shibuya and look at the girls, Tera loves hello kitty and they have a theme park there, so I take her every year.  It is great to have the means to do whatever you want. Life is good.

A:  (I’m trying to get my paper like that) What kind of stuff do you have lined up for the future, anything you would like to let people know about?
E:  When I am not with my son Sammy boy, or globetrotting with Tera, I am co writing the Spyderz album and recording with my boy Dirrty.  Playing a lot of gigs in Vegas and LA, touring with BIOHAZARD original lineup, mostly in Europe and abroad, South America, Australia, Japan, etc.  Producing and shooting erotic entertainment (check out, and helping manage Tera along with Violator Mgmt. She just signed a book deal with Gotham publishing and is coming out in the new Saints Row 2 video game. I just did voiceovers for the new Grand Theft Auto game, and we are staying busy. Tera has a new fitness video she is putting out called fit 4 SEX. We do a radio show on playboy radio together, and a Tera has a show on Playboy TV called School of Sex.  We are working on some really exciting things that collide our worlds or rock, porn , glamour, burlesque and more. I am shooting a lot of photos of Tera , and spending a lot of time on some of my Kustom Car projects, as I am a tragic motorhead.  Actually man, actually reading back all the shit we have been doing is making me tired, good night then  Later E.S
A:  (lol, did you leave anything out?) Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure.
 E:  No problem, Hardcore is a state of mind.  XXX por vida, porno loco!!!
A:  (lol, orale pues! Good luck with everything in the future)  

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Great job AL!

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