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Interview With J.R. And Kitty Langdon


They’ve been together almost three years.

I talk to them at Porn Star Karaoke at Sardo’s Bar May 1. (Wankus will host PSK May 8.)

Kitty’s ( first three languages are Vietnamese, Chinese and French.

Kitty’s family is not happy that she married a black man.

J.R.: “They hate me. Evil black man f—ing their little daughter.”

“My family is very accepting.”

Luke: “What do you guys do in your spare time?”

J.R.: “I’m on the PTA.”

Kitty: “We’re parents. We have a normal life outside of porn.”

J.R.: “We have a boy and girl eight and seven.”

Kitty: “We are able to separate everything.”

J.R.: “Time management is the key.”

Luke: “Do people on the PTA know?”

J.R.: “No, but they do ask, ‘Where have I seen you? Are you a model?’ Yeah, I’ve modeled quite a bit.”

Kitty: “We’re able to separate our lifestyle from our personal life.”

Luke: “Do you children know about your Adult work?”

J.R.: “No. They just know that mommy is a model and that daddy works for mommy in front of the computer.”

Luke: “Do you guys experience jealousy?”

Kitty: “A smidgin.”

J.R.: “It’s more on her part than mine.”

“I try to break the stereotypes… I don’t do the trashy low-budget videos.”

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