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Interview with New Digital Playground Girl Selena Rose, by Pepe

by Pepe from

pic courtesy of Digital Playground

How old are you and where are you from Selena?
Hi, I’m 19 and I’m from Las Vegas. My family is Cuban.
When you decided to get in porn?
I just decided to get into the business this year and it’s so much fun!
Can you tell me your measurements?
How tall are you?
How did Digital Playground contact you about being their new contract girl?
I was informed by my agency that Digital Playground was looking for their next contract girl. So I went to their offices to meet with Robby D.I loved everything about the company and when Robby told me they wanted to sign me I was so thrilled and happy!
Are you happy now you are in DP?
Yes, very happy. This is such an awesome opportunity. It’s so sexy being a Digital Playground contract girl.
What did you before starting in porn?
I worked at Hooters and before that, at an insurance agency as a file clerk.
Did you shot some porno scenes before signing with DP?
Yeah, I shot a couple before signing with DP. It was fun.
Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Raven Alexis, all of them
great performers and contract girls in DP, Who is your favorite girl of them?
There are ALL super hot – It’s hard to choose because they are all such great performers.
Would you like eat any of those nice pussies in particular in your very first movie for DP?
Yeah. Jesse Jane. It WILL be so sexy.
Are you the same hot and horny girl in real life that soon we will see in the sets with DP?
Yes, I confess. In real life, I am a hot and horny girl. For my website, me and my friend Jessie (she just started doing porn) want to start shooting video of our Club nights out here in Miami… and how we get hit on all the time… and how sexy we look.
Are you enjoying now working for one of the most powerful companies in the adult business?
It’s great! I’m really happy and enjoying all of the attention. I am looking forward to having fun and making some great movies!!
Do you have some new projects with DP now you are her brand new contract girl? Do you have any movies or signing soon?
Yes – my first movie comes out in August. It’s a gonzo film called Jack’s POV 17. Then in September, I’m featured in a movie called “Cheater” where I get to play a sexy, seductive secretary…”
What director you would like for your first movie, Joone, Celeste or Robby D.? I was Robby D. He’s really cool and a good director. But then, so was Manuel Ferrara.
Let’s talk about a little of sex… Cocks or Pussies?
I love big cocks. It’s a plus when the guy know’s how to use it as well.
Would you mind doing anal scenes for DP?
I’ve never done an anal scene. I wouldn’t mind, but I’d rather not.
Did you do some gang bang in the past?
Nope. I haven’t yet. It’s always been a one-on-one. I know I’ll be doing some threesomes for Digital Playground and that’s going to be fun!
Spit or Swallow?
I spit sometimes and and swallow sometimes. Gotta change it up.
Do you think that cock’s size is important?
Cock size is definetly important. Bigger is better.
What is your favorite porn star in the adult business?
Jenna Jameson
Some male performer you like in special?
I enjoy working with Scott Nails.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy going to the beach, tanning, jogging and eating frozen yogurt!
I also love going shopping and hanging out with my friends.

Are you happy living the porn life or sometimes is so crazy?
I like the crazy life. I’m a crazy, young girl…
Do you want to be a contract girl with DP for many years?
Yes. It will be great experience being part of such a well-known studio.
I read you are Cuban so can you tell me some words in Spanish Please?
Mi nombre es Selena rose soy una Chica muy amable me encanta trabajar para digital
Do you know Spain?, Would you mind to come to our country in a future?
Me encantaria ir a aunt and I heard from people they are lovely

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