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Interview with Rebecca Steel- She Doesn’t Hold Back…

Interview with Rebecca Steel!!!

by Powder from his site

*Note: The views and opinions expressed by Rebecca Steel, do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions of the interviewer or OR LUKEISBACK!

Sexy, confident and outspoken are three words that describe Rebecca Steel to a tee. Known for her sizzling sex scenes with an extreme edge, Rebecca chose to step away from the camera and quietly left the industry in 2007. Below is an e-mail interview conducted with the former porn star about her past, present and possible future in the adult industry.

Powder: Ok, typical porn star interview questions first. How long were you in the porn industry and how did you get started?

Rebecca: It feels like forever but, it was a total of 3 years from 2004-2007. I moved to LA and I had this topless waitressing job in Chatsworth when I met a few actors who told me that Goldstar Modeling was looking for talent. So I walked into Goldstar and met Joel and the rest is history.

Powder: You haven’t shot a scene in quite some time. Why did you decide to leave the adult business and what are you doing now?

Rebecca: 2007 was a weird year for porn as everyone knows so much shit happened in just a 6 month period with the deaths of Chico Wang, Hailey Paige, Danny Dukes, etc.. Then Brian Surewood going to jail for an awful accident and the rape incident with Jake Venice going to jail, I was saying to myself “Porn is really dying or soon I’m gonna be behind bars lol!”. So I split and moved back home to Denver and never looked back since.

Right now I’m raising my daughter and taking it slow. Went through some really bad relationships in the past few years and I’m single now. Only looking for friendship with guys cause the “Love” thing really turns into a “Hate” thing in the end and that’s where all the problems happen.

Powder: Can fans expect to see you return to shooting sometime in the future?

Rebecca: The return of Rebecca Steel! Sounds like a horror flick since I am named after a dead Pornstar.. hehe. A lot of people do not know that fact. I was named under the pornstar in the 80′s who killed herself. Anyhow, it really depends on the right timing, the right agency, the right time to actually go back into the business. I know all the statistics and yeah yeah if you take off just 6 months of shooting your old news or your escorting and doing drugs… blah blah! It’s all on that individual.

We choose our own paths and for now I’m sitting back and waiting to see if the business clears or let’s just say the “HIV” scare that just came up. Never a dull day there that’s for sure! I also wanna say it’s bullshit now that directors refuse to hire gay or bisexual actors now cause of this. Wolf Hudson has a reason to be pissed off! If I was him I’d be saying to everyone, “That’s them not ME! So because of them I’m not gonna work?” So stupid.

Powder: What were your favorite types of porn scenes to shoot and why?

Rebecca: It has to be with Jack Lawrence and Kurt Lockwood. Those two guys are the main guys I really enjoyed being on set with. Don’t get me wrong I had fun on every shoot I did but for some reason working with those two guys made every moment very enjoyable and had good vibes on set. My style of sex varies on my mood I guess so it’s either soft love making or “I’m gonna tear that cock off and go crazy on you”. Haha!

Powder: I see you have Bella Donna listed as one of your heroes on your Myspace. Why is she a hero to you?

Rebecca: She really speaks her mind.. and I pay attention to girls in the business that are real not fake. With Bella you get 100% not 50% on a scene and that’s what fans want. She really impressed me when she made her Myspace or YouTube video speaking out about her taking time off from porn, cause she might have a herpes outbreak. Now that takes balls lol!

Honestly without Belladonna in the business, you would never have heard about Sasha Grey, Lexi Love, Alexis Texas etc. The list goes on and on. It’s because of Bella’s talent and influences that those girls became superstars. Bella love you girl! Keep kicking ass!!!

Powder: Who else in the adult industry do you look up to or idolize?

Rebecca: Lizzy fuck’n Borden! All I have to say! She is the Jesus Christ of porn and was crucified for all our sins in the business, all because some religious asshole in Pennsylvania ordered porn from Extreme and an employee didn’t know that area in Pennsylvania banned porn. So after that mess and jail-time she’s back and looking better then ever! She really deserves the credit for what she has endured throughout that whole ordeal. In my view she has to be one of the greatest directors ever in porn history.

Powder: If you could go back in time, to when you just started in adult and tell yourself what you know now, what would you say?

Rebecca: Save my fuck’n money!!! Invest! Stop partying every other day! I can go on for days with this question so I’m just gonna stop while I’m ahead! Haha!

Powder: What do you think is the formula to be successful as a performer in the porn industry?

Rebecca: Surround yourself with positive people is key. The second is it’s ok to start porn when your older. The problem today is you get a 18 year old piece of pussy.. then throw her into the lions den. She’s making loot, going to parties, traveling everywhere and by the time she’s 19, she looks like she’s 30! Then they start complaining like the famous Tanner Mayes temper spat right before a scene.

I looked at that video and said to myself, “Look your making great money so stop complaining or just find another job working from 9-5 or something”. Too many girls in this business are way to spoiled! They need to know that it can be taken all away in a matter of seconds.

Powder: When you weren’t working, how different were you in your personal life from your porn star persona?

Rebecca: Like a Superhero! Soccer-mom during the day and superwhore at night.. lol! I think Marvel Comics needs to have me as a spokes-model or something. As long as it keeps me busy it’s all good. Cause I get really bored really fast and the two sides of me always comes out, sometimes at the wrong times.

Powder: What do you enjoy sexually in your private life?

Rebecca: Lights off! Candles on, and under the blankets baby!

Powder: Whats is your biggest sexual fantasy and have you fulfilled it yet?

Rebecca: Being on an island with Jenaveve Jolie, Brooke Haven, Richelle Ryan and Trina Michaels.*

*Note: Original answer modified by request of Rebecca Steel. – PSAH

Powder: Describe yourself in less then ten words.

Rebecca: Charismatic fun loving trouble maker that will rock your world!

Powder: When you meet fans face to face, whats the one question they ask you the most?

Rebecca: Where have you been? Every fucking time! Uggggh!!! I just say go to Myspace or Twitter and see what I’m doing. My close fans know what is up so I try to stay grounded with the new fans and show them who and what I’m all about. Some like me, some don’t. Can’t please everyone I guess.

Powder: What do you feel is the current direction the adult industry is going?

Rebecca: Honestly… it’s up to the companies! The big 5, Bangbros, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Braincash, Pornstarnetwork or whoever is on top, have gotta support the smaller companies because it’s really turning into a monopoly now a days. Giving a girl a website right now is like the kiss of death. Do they really think a fan out there is gonna spend $29.99 a month to see one girl with 10 scenes? Do you? No fucking way!

Guys go to Brazzers for $7.00 a month and see thousands of girls. My advice to any girl out there is to find an investor, a great director, and think outside the box. Create something different, raw and real and figure out a way websites like xvideos can’t get their hands on your shit and will mind their own f’n business cause they are part of the problem today. Yayyyy free porn! Why pay for it right?

Powder: What would you change about the business?

Rebecca: I would change how girls get into it. Cause there are some sleazy f’n agents that drill it in your head that if you don’t blow me or bang me your not gonna make it in this business.*

*Note: Original answer modified by request of Rebecca Steel. – PSAH

Powder: If you hadn’t been a porn star, what do you think you would have done as a career?

Rebecca: First female star at Motocross.. yeah I know I’m a tomboy.. xoxo

Powder: Where we can fans find you on the web? Whats your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc?

Rebecca: For now those are the two sites everyone can contact me on. Someday, you never know.. we’ll see ; )

Powder: Any final thoughts you want to leave us with?

Rebecca: Just wanna say to all my fans and friends out there, I really love you all! The support I get from some of you guys make me proud to be in this business and makes me really want to come back and keep making all of you proud. Much Love and Respect from Rebecca Steel!

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