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Interview with Romeo Price

by JB
How did you get started in the industry?
I started working a couple of years ago. I was a little hesitant at first. I wanted to make sure that if I did this, I was going to do it right. I went to the gym every day, and got myself in shape, not just on the outside, but inside as well, which is important.  You’ve got to be focused to do a scene right, focused not just on the girl but focused on the scene, and shutting everything around you on the set out, so you can do your best every time. I signed with Type 9 models, and I have been working consistently since then.

What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?
I like to do scenes where the director lets me do what I want, and lets the girl and I flow thru the scene. I’ve been performing and acting in both hard and softcore scenes now. I do like acting, but doing gonzo type scenes are always a good day, because you’re in and out a lot quicker.

You’ve been nominated for “Best New Stud”/Best New Male Performer” for both AVN and XBIZ, how did you feel about that?
I was a great honor, and I really appreciated that. I work hard at what I do, and to be recognized for my efforts was as big as receiving an award itself. I want to thank AVN and XBIZ and everybody who voted on this for seeing my work, and thinking I am worthy of this. I really hope to win a award this coming award season.
Do you have a favorite performer or director to work with?
I like working with director Chucky Sleeze with Lethal Hardcore. As far as performers go, there’s so many beautiful women that I’ve worked with, and they’ve all been great, but my favorite is Emy Reyes.

Have you noticed that the “Condom Law” has effected your work, for good or bad?
I haven’t notice a really big change, we go in and do our work. I can work with a condom, and have no problem performing with a condom on. I don’t think it’s right that someone’s telling me how to do my job, but that’s the way it is now, so I accept that, and keep working.

What do you do in your time off from working?
I love to go surfing, it’s a great way for me to get away from it all and relax and have fun. I also like to go bike riding, play basketball, go to the gym, and best of all have LOTS of sex.

If you weren’t working in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing?
I’m actually starting a new business really soon. It’s a mainstream business.  I’ll be unveiling it hopefully this Fall.
Have you ever been recognized in public?
Yes, and it’s pretty cool. Some from my softcore movies on cable like “Beach Heat Miami”, and some form my hardcore work. I also have guys asking how they can get in the business. I give them some advice, but mostly I tell them it’s not a good time to get into this now, since the work has slowed down so much.

What’s you new projects?
I’ve been shooting a lot actually. I have been working for ATK, Reality Kings, and Lethal Hardcore, and of course my new mainstream project.

Any advice for a new performer starting out in the industry?
Yes, I do have some advice for a new performer starting out. Workout a lot, stretch, and fuck all the time to get better at it. Don’t be a hater, or talk shit, on set or off set. Always remember to do what the director say, and stay focused when you’re on the set.

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