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Interview with Tabitha Stevens- Exclusive!

There is a lot in the news right now about your ex-husband’s book. Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia, Can you give us the short version of how you were involved with Michelle Braun aka Nici Girls?
Tabitha: I am very well aware of my ex-husband’s book. I have not read it so I would not like to prematurely make any comments.

You made the offer on Howard Stern to have sex with the 21 year old Virgin English boy who had downs syndrome. Did you ever hear from the boy or his family? Did anything come of that offer?
Tabitha: I never heard anything from the young man or his family. I am not sure if Howard’s staff was able to make contact with them. I have heard a few rude comments about me offering to help this young man out. I find it very sad that here you have a mom pleading for some one to take her son’s virginity, who happens to have Down Syndrome and is 21 years old and I get an ear load of crap for wanting to help out. All she wants for he son is to have a sexual experience like every other 21 year old young man. I find nothing wrong with that. I am a very caring and understanding woman. I would want to make sure that this young man was tr
eated properly and with respect. I would respect his parents as well.

You did episodes of Dr 90210 talking about your many plastic surgeries. Everyone had a chuckle over the anal bleaching. Can you tell us about all the surgeries you have had done, and why? And How you decided that anal bleaching was mportant. Did you see a difference after you had it done? Do you regret having any of the procedures? Did you have have a bad experience, or bad reaction to any surgery?

Tabitha:I put an answer next to each surgery listed. What I have learned from my experiences with plastic surgery is that I should not have gotten certain procedures because ‘my surgeon thought’ it would make me look better. I was lucky that I was able to undo the bad work that was done by some of these surgeons. Yes, I will continue to do my matainence like Botox and fat transfers every 5-8 years. I am going to be 40 in February and I want to keep a youthful look about myself. Hell, who doesn’t want to look good at 20 or 40?

6 boob jobs – mostly a size changing thing

3 nose jobs – yeah, what the hell was I thinking. My ‘original’ nose was fine. I just thought I’d look better with a bit more of a pronounced tip. Bad surgeons contributed to me having to get it done 3 times.

2 cheek ( the ones on my face ) implant surgeries – One of my former doctors had recommended me putting cheek implants into my face because he said ‘it would make my face look fuller and not so narrow’. So I listened to him and had the surgery done. BIG MISTAKE!

I had another surgery to replace the ‘custom fitted implants’ (they were coming up through my skin under my eye) for implants that are much smaller and bolted to my cheek bones. I put new implants in to avoid any sagging of my under the eye skin area. I am now ready to remove these implants and be rid of them completely.

1 under the nose implant surgery an implant was put in under my nose to help prevent the ‘gumminess’ when I smiled.

1 chin implant surgery – another waste of money. Yep, onto the next surgeon who thought that I could use a chin implant to balance out my face.

1 nose implant surgery – part of the whole nose job situation.

1 fat transfer from my right leg to my entire face – Many women have this done and it is quite popular. This is where the surgeon liposuctions some fat from your body, in my case my right thigh, and cleans it out and then reinjects it into your face. Helps fill in lines and lasts longer than injectibles that can over the long term be pretty costly.

1 cutting the fat deposit bands behind my thighs – Wish I did not do this one. Okay here we have a situation where I had little ripples behind my legs. Cellulite. At my age especially it is very common. Cellulite takes no prisoners.It doesn’t care if you are healthy and eat well or even if you are super skinny. If it wants you, it will get you. This surgery was supposed to break the bands that cause these nasty little indentations. Didn’t work. Now I have to lipo it out. YUCK!

Botox every 4 to 6 months
– and will do so FOREVER!

Restalyne injections to my lips every 6 months – not so much to plump them huge, just a slight plump.

Restalyne injections to my smile lines every 6 months – now that I have had the fat transfer I do not get those injections.

Anal bleaching ( it isn’t really a surgery, but since I had it done on Dr. 90210 I thought that I would add it.)
Yes, I bleached my booty hole. A producer from the show had asked me if i knew any thing about anal bleaching and I said no. This of course got me curious so I told the producer that I would have it done on the show. The rest is history. Many times I have gotten text messages from my friend Nick Manning asking me where I had the anal bleaching done because some girl he knew wanted to get it done. It’s not a surgery. It’s a fading cream that lightens up the booty hole skin. Safe and painless. The place to have it done is ‘Pink Cheeks’ in Sherman Oaks.  

You left the adult industry, what year? and came back in what year? Why did you leave? And why did you decide to come back? What did you do in between?

Tabitha: I took some time off from the business in about 2003ish. I had an adult video store with my ex-husband that was doing well and I ended up moving in with a guy who would rather me not do films, so I took a long break. I did miss the business. I really missed the feeling sexy part of it. I kept myself busy during my ‘time off’ by going on The Howard Stern Show – LOVE Howard, by fixing up some of my surgeons mistakes on the E! Channels Dr.90210 for 5 seasons and by producing televisions shows with my husband  film maker Gary Orona (we have been married now for almost 3 years). I have produced 13 episodes of the elite late night series on Cinemax ‘The Erotic Traveler’ as well as an International Adventure pilot for a television series and many adult rated pay per view shows.

I see that one of your films just came out. Tom Byron’s Seasoned players. How did you like working with Tom? what did you do in the movie?

Tabitha: Is seasoned Players out yet? I hope so because that was a fun shoot to be on and I had not worked with Tom Byron since 1995 so the scene was HOT. Built up pressure there. It was a Boy/Girl scene. Tom is a great guy with a big penis. I just have to say that in a weird way I felt like I was having sex with my good friend Director Mike Quasar because of the similar appearence. For the record I have NOT had sex with Mike Quasar.

What do you have coming up?

Tabitha: My newest release, which I am very excited about is ‘Total Interactive Control of Tabitha Stevens’ from Third Degree Pictures.

My husband and I shot this interactive, which happens to be my FIRST interactive, entirely by ourselves (except the penis part). There are over 11 real pop shots, strip teases, the user can choose if they want ‘romantic sex’ or ‘dirty sex’. All around it’s a pretty bad ass production with an easy pyramid navigation system. I am so proud of this DVD!

Let’s not forget my latest porn DVD’s which include ‘Sticky Wet Sex’ from Cherry Box Pictures and ‘Total Control of Tabitha Stevens’ from Third Degree Pictures. Working on two titles as I type:).

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