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Interview with the ‘CockNinja’…Taboo Meets Mainstream on

Over the last 8 years, Luke Is Back has interviewed lots of big industry porn professionals and insiders.  In an effort to broaden the LIB readership, we decided to add more indy content..And what better way to do that then sitting down with one of the top independent studios out there, Cock Ninja Studios.


I guess my first question is, Why Cock Ninja?

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I wanted to use a name that literally no one would take seriously because I knew that I was going to be shooting incest role-play scenes. I add dark comedy to all my work in order to make the underlying themes more palatable to the general populous. Besides, a ninja is a skilled assassin. I like to think of myself as someone who can fuck you before you even realize what’s happening, in both mind and body. When you watch my work, I want you to wonder why you fapped to it and feel guilty.

When and how did you start in adult?

I started solo web-camming in 2012 after spending some time on myfreecams and watching the girls making money in the privacy of their own homes.  Cam4 was where I cut my teeth in that world. Eventually, I moved over to couples camming in 2013.. By 2014, I had done enough research into the porn market to start shooting content. In the beginning, all I really wanted was extra money for beer and tacos. I had no idea it would become as popular as it did. By the time I shot my first clip and uploaded it to xvideos and clips4sale, I had been doing adult work for about 2 years. It’s hard to believe how fast the time has gone.

How long did you stick with the clips for sale format?

I stayed in the top 50 on clips4sale for 3 years and peaked at #2 on the entire site. I was the #1 taboo store for over 2 years consistently. I started seeing a shift in the market and realized the potential for making the majority of my money in “free porn”. I still put my clips on c4s and manyvids when I feel like it but that is not my main focus anymore. Porn is free. It’s not 1995.

What made you choose taboo over other niches?

Photo by SmartyKat314

When I did market research into the porn clips thing, I had to find a genre that needed some holes filled. I didn’t have the capital or practical knowledge of film to produce high quality production content. I also didn’t have the money to hire A-list or even D-list talent for that matter. I did, however, have a wonderful girlfriend who could act and loved having sex with me, a $150 sony handicam from 2005, and the ability to see that most of the taboo content at the time had zero realism. I knew that I could make something different and better than the garbage that was being produced by higher end companies. I am an amateur through and through. So, I did, and the rest is taboo history.

How long did your clips for sale market hold up? And at what point did you start focusing on tube sites ?

I still make money on Clips4sale. It’s just not my main focus anymore. Pirates have always cashed in on the free market so they bought my clips to do that. When I started doing what the pirates did to me, they bought less. January 2017 was my wake up call. Porn is free.

Has the marketing aspect of the porn changed at all since you started? Is taboo porn more even taboo then once before?

I still do what I’ve always done. I just started uploading full versions to xvideos instead of the previews. I get a ton of traffic to my clips store because of my xvideos, pornhub, blogspot, and tumblr. The pirates just buy less.
Taboo Porn hasn’t gotten more taboo. If anything, it’s less. Incest is just one sub genre of taboo. IR used to be taboo. Anal used to be taboo. Now if I don’t see ten blacks on one blonde cumming inside her asshole in a train while she makes some poor white cuck lick it out of there, it’s not even a Tuesday afternoon. There’s no such thing as hardcore taboo anymore. I’m vanilla compared to most.

Are you the only male talent in your videos?I’ve done a single video with one other male talent @paganpapa because he’s @redpaganmom s/o. Other than that one video, yes, I’m the only male talent in my clips. That’s going to change very shortly though. I have bigger things on the horizon.

At what point is male talent not considered amateur any longer ?

In my opinion, only the fans can decide that. I consider myself a total amateur. I couldn’t get an agent to save my life, yet I’m ranked the #1 Porn Star in the world on the largest free Porn site out there. James Deen is #13. So you tell me? When does the status change? Money? I’ve got that too. Still an amateur in the eyes of the industry.

What future plans do you have for Cock Ninja Studios?  

#1. Higher Production Quality Content. I’m taking my time with projects from here on out. No more one and done type stuff. I have the resources now to make what I want, so it’s time to step it up.

#2. Stand alone member website. The fans have spoken. It’s time to start a member site. It’s been a long enough wait.

#3. It’s also time to start using A-List talent. For years now, I’ve been approached by people I’ve just been too intimidated to shoot. I know who I am now. I’m ready.


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