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Interview with the INFamous Scott Fayner…

Scott & his Best friend

Hey Cindi, just wanted to send along this little note to say hello and let you know what everyone’s favorite ex-porn journalist has been up to since ditching Los Angeles and heading back to Boston to start anew.
I’m still writing for Hustler, actually have two articles coming up in the next few months. I also just wrote a piece on porn and technology for MIT, and will pass it on to you when it gets published. Also been writing some porn scripts, which I must say is kinda fun. Aside form that, I’ve been working on some pieces for a few Boston papers and just published the 3rd issue of my new online dog magazine Mass Arf ( which is a huge change from the days of writing about drugged-out whores. It’s going pretty well so far and I’m getting some press from it (The Boston Globe’s Nov 15th Sunday magazine will have a Q & A with me about leaving porn to work with dogs). Hopefully I can turn it into a full-time job.
Hope all is well!
 Scott Fayner

How are you doing without the girls and parties of LA?
I’m loving life not having to deal with the every day existence of a porno chick. The last one I had to deal with was Charley Chase who is a darling, but sometimes a handful. As far as porn parties, I hadn’t gone out for a while when I still lived there, so being without them wasn’t anything different for me.
What do you miss most?
the thing I miss the most of course is the weather and my good friends (human and canine).
How’s the girlfriend situation?
I’m currently looking for love, but with things like google I have a hard time being taken serious by women because of all the things I’ve written and have been written about me that they all seem to read hours before the date.

How’s your Mom?
My mother is doing quite fine. She loves having her son back in Boston. I’m still getting used to being called “sweetie”

Do you LIKE the cold weather?
I do not like the cold weather. In fact, I cry almost every morning because it is so cold.
Tell me about your typical day?
My typical day goes like this: up at 7, walk the dogs to Dunkin Donuts. Back by 8. Fuck around on the computer for a few hours. Go to the dog park. Work. Eat. Work. Get stoned. Watch t.v. Eat. Work. Take dogs out. If I’m lucky, I’ll go on a date. Otherwise, I’m focusing on working for once in my adult life.
And of course gotta ask, are you behaving and staying “clean”?
Yes, I am still clean. And behaving, too. When a friend recently told me of a bar where “anything goes” I remember cringing and refusing to go along. I guess I’m getting old. Fuck!

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