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Interview with the Luscious Lou Lou


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Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos by Suze Randall

Courtesy of Xcitement Mag
Beautiful little UKap Award winner for Best Newcomer, LouLou, has just started making her mark in the U.S. After shooting here for less than a month, I got the privilege of popping her interview cherry. Not only do I get to do her first big interview, this will be her first magazine cover as well. LouLou has worked everyday that she has been here. So even though she is really new, by the time this comes out in print her movies will also be hitting the internet on Brazzers, Naughty America, Holly Randall and Twisty’s. And of course you can already find her in Bluebird movies. I found her charming, savvy, funny, and sexy. I predict LouLou is gonna make it big!
Well Good Morning! What is this making me set up an interview at nine thirty in the morning crap! (Laughs) Do you usually get up this early?
I’m usually up quite early most days. Sometimes five o’clock or six o’clock. I’m used to early mornings.
Don’t you know you are a porn star you are supposed to sleep in until noon?
(Laughs) I wish.
I may live IN east coast time, but I live ON west coast time.
Well I’m up early. They are shooting here this morning.
So you live in a model house?
Yes, when I am here. I am flying back to England tonight. And then I will be back here again in two weeks.
How much fun is it to live in a model house? Is it good to have all those girls around? Or is it a pain in the ass to live with a bunch of girls who PMS all at the same time?
I am currently sharing a room with my best mate from England, so that makes it a bit easier. We do have so many random crazy moments in this house. A bunch of girls all horny dry humping each other and dancing around the kitchen naked.
That sounds like any guys dream place to live.
Yep. I did a video pretending to DJ while I was stripping to the music, they posted that up and it had over a hundred views on the first day.

Who is your best mate that you share a room with?
Emily B.
(Emily says What’s up?)
I haven’t heard of her yet. But I hadn’t heard of you yet, until I went on LADirect’s model site and picked the most beautiful girl I have never seen before. Then I showed you around and now you are going to be a cover girl!
And that was me? Oh thank you!
Boy do you have a sexy accent. You have a phone sex voice.
I tried phone sex. It was the first thing I did before I got into porn. It just wasn’t me. I preferred the real action.
I looked around on the web to research my questions about you, but there isn’t much out there yet. So some of my info might be right, but some of it is probably not, so just let me know. You are cute and gorgeous too. You look happy and bubbly. Is that how you really are?
Oh yes. I’m like the cute fluffy bunny who’s never seen a willy before. That’s my porn persona, like oh my goodness, that’s a rather large willy! That’s awfully big to go near my bottom!
So your persona is a sweet innocent girl who is afraid of big dicks?
Well I have never been that kind of girl that says give me that big cock, yeah! Now my friend Emily, she is like that. She says come on fuck my cunt! So we are like good cop, bad cop. We are completely different.
You can be good COCK, bad COCK!

(Laughs) (She repeats it to Emily. They both laugh)

So I read that your favorite place to go is Miami, Florida.
See what I mean about things I read, maybe being wrong?
Well I have never been there. It is somewhere I’d like to go. But I guess my favorite place would be Australia in the outback.
Do people in Australia know instantly that you are from England?
Yes because I speak quite English.
So do I right?
(Laughs) I speak very very English, so people straight away, they do know. Just like America there are various accents from England. I speak very proper, kind of like the Queen.
Where are you from?
I was born in Gibraltar. I currently live near Stonehenge.
Do you shoot porn in England?
Yeah, I have been doing porn in England for about two years now. Then I decided to branch out a bit more so I thought to see what America can offer.
What is the difference between shooting in England and America?
In England there isn’t as much passion or time and money into it as America does. You can turn up at nine o’clock in the morning at an English shoot, have your hair and makeup done, have sex and be done at one o’clock in the afternoon. There are no story lines. It’s like, oh, there is a cock, let’s jump on it! English porn is cheesy. Oh hi Mr. Plumber, yes my washing machine is broken. I’m getting a bit hot, I might have to strip off my clothes. And while you are here I might have to suck your cock. They just dump shit into it, there is no kind of story line.
You are funny.
I’m just saying how it is.

You would be a good phone sex actress because you could just act out a whole porn for me over the phone.
(Laughs) Really? I never thought of that. I should do that.
So your favorite place that you have never yet visited is Miami, because that is where this magazine is located.

Well I do want to go there and go roller-skating down the sidewalk by the beach.
You will have to come visit because you are going to be on the cover of the March edition of Xcitement  magazine, so that will make you more famous around here.
Yeah! Famous! I can walk down the street and no one bats an eyelid at me.
I would think you would get looks just because you are so pretty.
Well thank you, but usually it is because I have long blonde hair and am wearing a bright pink track suit.
(Emily says- What a wanker!)
(Laughs) When we came out we all brought Victoria Secret’s track suits and I’ve got pink, another friend has orange and another girl has a green one. And when we walk down the street we look like a bunch of highlighters.
You crack me up!
Oh yes, so Miami. I would love to go to Miami.
Well you have to like Spanish/Latin food because that is our specialty.
Well I like Spanish and Latin guys so I am sure I would like the food also.
I am sure they would love you. You are a tiny little thing too aren’t you?
Yes I am four foot eleven. I like being small. It’s cuteness. It’s part of me.
I hear you like to play X-box?
When I am not working I play Battlefield, Zombies.
So in your spare time..
I am a cute soft bunny who likes to kill dead people. That’s my headline.
That’s your short bio from now on. You work for Babe Station, but I don’ t know what that is.
A Babe Station girl does sex phone chat on a TV channel. It’s an adult channel where guys can see you on a bed shaking your ass. And then they phone you and they can talk to you while they can see you on TV. There is also Bluebird TV.
So is it like a cam show?
On the TV you can’t do everything like you would on a webcam. You have to keep underwear on. After 10pm you can get the tits out. Until then you have to stay fully clothed.
So someone calls, now can every guy with that channel watch you?
Yes, they can see you, but they can’t hear my conversation. The only way they can hear me is if they call up. One caller can talk with me, other people can call and listen in on the conversation if they want too. So you just see me on a bed talking in the phone with very cheesy music.

On one of your scenes the name was LouLou the Crumpet. So they called you a crumpet.
A crumpet? (cracks up) I don’t know why someone would call me a crumpet.
I love crumpets! I guess you must be toasty and warm and buttery and delicious.
And hot. I love my crumpets hot.

Well I toast it and put butter on it. Is that how you are supposed to eat a crumpet?
Yes, tons of butter that you let melt in all the holes. And then maybe put on top some Nutela. Hot chocolaty, mmmm.
Did you eat breakfast yet?
Yes I had loads of bacon and two egg and sausage muffins, some chocolate chip pancakes that I made.
Sounds yummy! I guess I am hungry so early in the morning. Where did you put all that food?
I’m not a big eater, but that will be my main meal of the day. For the rest of the day I’ll just snack.
I had oatmeal with banana and walnuts.
How boring!
Well I was half asleep when I made it, anything more complicated and I would have burned the house down. I heard that in England they have baked beans for breakfast.

Yes, you have like toast, baked beans, sausage and fried mushrooms, hash browns. Some people have black pudding. Baked beans are good with everything.  Yes we do have them for breakfast.
I bet you don’t have them over here for breakfast before you do scenes.

No! I’m not a big fan of them anyway.

When I checked out your myspace page there was an ad next to you for hotdogs. That seemed appropriate.
Yes. I have a friend on facebook who is lesbian and next to her is always an ad for lesbian dating.
So let’s talk about sex!
(singing) Let’s talk about sex baby.
There’s a famous singer from England that’s named LuLu right?
Yes but it’s spelled different. I get that a lot. People say, the singer LuLu? And I say no, the pornstar LouLou!
You starred in a Bluebird movie called Nights at the Museum, was that a take off on the mainstream comedy movie?
Yes it was. It was one when I was just starting out. I hadn’t even done girl/girl yet. It was a cameo. I was in the background with another girl. She was an Indian and I was a cowgirl and we were meant to be statues that come alive at night. The main porn stars start getting it on and we are rubbing each other in the corner. And while he is fucking the main girl we walk down and start sucking on her boobs. So I didn’t do much in that film. But now I have actually done more films for Bluebird than any other company.
That was the beginning of you being in porn? Where you actually touch boobs?
And now you are doing anal..
Well I only do anal for Bluebird.
Yes, but still, it’s anal. Someone wrote on one of the fan boards, “that damn Paul Chapman got her ass all to himself.”
Yes. Paul Chapman is the only one that has had my asshole.
So he is a lucky man.
Yes he is, because no one else gets to go anywhere near it.
So what do you think of anal my dear?
Uhm. Because I am so petite a big huge cock does scare me. So an average size cock is my kind. I like to have stimulation as well as anal. I need to keep my pussy getting wet otherwise my mind gets going- oh my god, oh my god, it hurts, it hurts. So I like my mind to be taken off it with DP or stimulation.

What won’t you do?
I won’t do peeing, well I won’t be peed on. I would pee on someone else. I don’t do interracial. I don’t do nasty sex, if that makes sense. Where the girls get fists or big huge abnormal toys. I’m quite normal in that kind of way. I’d rather have a glass dildo than a bowling pin.
I don’t blame you.
I’ve seen girls with the top of the bowling pin up them, that’s not me. I’d rather have a nice small toy to get me wet because I am more of a clit person. I like stimulation rather than big huge things pounding me.
You also smoke, and in movies.
I do. I’ve got quite a few smoking fans and quite a few smoking videos out. I’ve got a Youtube video of my sitting fully clothed smoking a cigarette and it has something like five hundred views.
Because they think about their dick in your mouth?
It’s taking something in your mouth. It goes back to the 1940 movies where you will see an elegant lady with a cigarette in her mouth. It’s classy, womanly to smoke and French inhale and cream up the smoke in your mouth. It’s kind of like you have a mouth full of cum. Inhaling it and taking it down your throat. There are so many parts of it. Some guys get turned on by seeing smoke in your mouth, some by hearing me blowing out the smoke. It’s so many roads down to a smoking fetish.  Some guys can just tell, you don’t have to show them the cigarette packets, but they will know what kind of cigarettes you are smoking. They are quite intense.
Wow. Do you watch your own movies? It must be kind of funny to watch yourself get cum shot on your face.
It is funny to listen too also, oh yes, oh yes, give me that cum! I do like it. My girlfriend and I used to watch our movies and just sit there and laugh when they did a close up. We would play guess whose pussy, or guess whose cock. We would make a game out of it. I don’t watch porn the same way now, that I am in it. I’ll think, oh look, she just moved off camera, oh she just looked at the sound guy. I know all the ins and outs of it now.
So you are privy to the behind the scenes, so you are thinking of what is going on off camera.
Since you work with Bluebird, they do a lot of story lines. Do you do a lot of acting?
I do. I love it. I went to acting school. I think I know how to act. We recently did Bluebird’s Harry Porned Her. I was Whore-miny. I think that was one of my anal scenes actually. Whore-miny getting fucked in the ass.
So you get to act and memorize dialog.
I love it all. I love being an actress and then you get fucked at the end of it. It’s a bonus. And then you get a check, what a bigger bonus! I get paid for doing something I love.

Are you following what is going on here with the condom issue? They are trying to make it that if you get a filming permit to shoot a movie you will say that everyone on your set will wear condoms.
I can see it from both sides. When I did porn in England for two years, I never did a scene with a condom. I don’t do many cream pies. I’ve only done two or three my whole time. The whole two years I have not had anything, so I’ve been very lucky. But in America you hear more scare stories about diseases than you do in England. So it’s a catch 22, if everyone wore a condom there would be less chance of diseases. But then we have to think of what do the fans want to see? Do they mind seeing a condom?
I think they do.
They do. Then it’s going to be whatever the fans want. I don’t think you can change anyone’s mind about it. It’s so long that we have done it without. I’m happy to do it without. I have been with guys in my personal life and used a condom and it’s not great. It can come off. Guy’s in the industry are bigger so condoms are more likely to split. You are going to have to spend time putting on and off the condoms. You are going to have a girl laying on a table with her legs up in the air with someone investigating digging deep trying to find the condom. I think it is going to be more of a hassle. But then if you did wear a condom you would lessen chances of disease.
But would you want to do oral with a condom?
No, oh god no.
One of the performers likened porn work to a stunt man/woman. And I thought that was a good example. You take some risks, that is part of your job.
Yeah. In two years I haven’t had a bad test come back to me. I don’t go out and shag about. I look forward to my work. I’ll be driving to work thinking I get to have sex, sex, sex, sex!  So I’ve got less of a risk, because I am not sleeping around with people that aren’t in the industry. It’s people that are out shagging about..
That bring it back into the industry.
If they could put a permanent condom on a porn stud when he walks off set until he comes back on set. (Laughs)
Yes. You know in the olden days they had those metal chastity belts that locked on.
That’s what we should get. That would be so funny.

Can you imagine someone handing over your contract, sign this, now put this on please. ?(Laughs) What is the craziest place you ever had sex?
In a paddling pool full of jelly.
I imagine that was for a movie. You didn’t just decide to do it in your living room.
No, it was for a movie. It was so much fun. It was red jelly. At one point I was in doggy and she was licking me out and I could barely hold myself up, I could feel myself slipping on the jelly. Then I just fell face first in the jelly and my ass slapped her in the face on my way down.
That must have been a mess, but fun.
It was hilarious. It’s for Bluebird, called Glamgel.
Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
To be pulled over by a policeman and to be fucked doggy style on his bonnet, you don’t call it bonnet, hood, trunk, boot.
I bet Paul Chapman would write a scene like that for you.
No, no, no, it has to be a proper police. I’ve had a policeman scene, it’s not the same. I want a real policeman.
Ahhh. You will have to rent a car and speed on the 105.
Knowing my luck I would get pulled over by a woman. She’ll say License and registrations please, can you put your tits away?
(Laughs) Do you have a message for your fans?
I love them a lot. I wouldn’t be here without them watching and enjoying my movies. They have really supported me and helped me. And it’s much appreciated.
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