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Interview with the now retired Dale DeBone

A website called Culinary Anarchy recently did an interview with retired adult film star Dale Rudder aka Dale DeBone.

dale dabone

So why would a food site interview a retired adult film star/director? Why the hell not?

Mr Rutter was the industry for over 20 years making real movies, not the cheap amateur shit filmed in hotel rooms on cell phones. Aside from performing in over 3000 films and winning numerous industry awards he was inducted into the AVN hall of fame which is no small feat. Along with this the guy is also a Tennis champ, a pro stunt rider and accomplished drummer.

Now in his early 40′s and retired, he speaks his mind bluntly laying out the graphic truth behind one of the most controversial and profitable industries in the world

Ed note: For the record, CulinaryAnarchy has always held the belief that anything goes as long as it doesn’t involve kids or animals. Just because I’m not into it doesn’t mean its wrong.

CulinaryAnarchy: So what’s your background?

Dale Rudder: You already know the other basics, its all on the internet. People are going to read what they want and think what they want.

CA: What conservative politician would you like to seduce?

DR: Sarah Palin, hands down. Its the glasses

CA: Have you ever found there to be any food that is a real aphrodisiac or do you think it’s more about the mood and setting?

DR: There’s no such thing. Its who you are,who you’re with and the situation.

CA: Have you ever resisted arrest?

DR: I never resisted arrest. I ran from the cops in LA once. I was  on I5 and was doing 120mph on my 750. I smoked the patrol cars and then got caught in the spotlight of the police helicopter and I knew it was over. This was back when I was doing a lot of stunt riding on ’01/’02.

CA: Tortillas, flour or corn?

DR: I don’t really care as long as its filled with something good, grilled steak, fresh vegetables..

CA: If you had the chance would you eat the last of a species?

DR: That’s kind of a loaded question but its like this. I support people who go and hunt for food, I grew up in North Carolina but I’m not a fan of hunting for sport or trophies.

CA: So what would you say was your oddest onset experience?

DR: I can think of a lot of crazy things that happened on set but let me tell you what finally made me retire. I would be getting ready to shoot with some chick, hot as fuck, 18 and just graduated high school and they would tell me “Oh, I’ve always wanted to do this, I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I was in 7th grade.” It was creepy.

These girls come in, dumb as fuck, thinking they are going to be the next Jenna Jameson and in 6 months they’re doing double anal and in a year there career is over and it haunts them for the rest of their life.

CA: Any advice for my readers trying to get into the business?

DR: Don’t do it, it will ruin your life

CA: So are you saying you regret being a porn star?

DR: Fuck yes I regret it! I can say this now that I’m retired and be blunt about it. The industry is completely fucked. Even after you get out the stigma follows you. Its damn near impossible for me to find a legit job because of it.

CA: So then what do you think the future of adult entertainment is?

DR: There is no future. The internet has killed the industry. You can find whatever you want to for free and every jackass with a camera is uploading stuff. Its all a joke now

CA: I disagree, I saw a porn parody of “The Big Lebowski” that had a high production value and was funny as hell. I ended skipping the sex scenes to watch to movie.

DR: They still make films. I did a Batman parody and an Elvis parody. Both high dollar films but the only people making any real money are the directors and producers. For each of those films I made less than $3000 each but they made millions. The other thing people don’t understand is that we don’t get residuals from the movies, we get paid once and that’s it.

CA: So being a musician as well, which industry is sleazier?

DR: Its hard to say really. The one and only good thing that I will say about Porn is in that business you know you’re getting fucked.

How he makes Steak
*1 cup of olive oil
*1/4 cup of water
*2 tablespoons of cilantro
*1 tablespoon of white vinegar
*1 tablespoon of ground pepper
*3 tablespoons of sea salt ..and a splash of Worcester sauce.
*2 pounds Sirloin
Mix well and marinade for an hour.
Grill til medium rare

Source:  Culinary Anarchy

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