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Introducing Lupe Fuentes- Most Adorable new Contract Girl!

Story courtesy of Xcitement Magazine

Pictures courtesy of Teravision

Interview by Cindi Loftus

Let me introduce you to Lupe Fuentes. Teravision just signed her as a new contract girl. As a matter of fact it has been a few years since Teravision had a contract girl, so I knew Lupe had to be something special for them to sign her. When I saw her pictures it took me about one second to see why Teravision wanted her all to themselves. She’s exotic, young, gorgeous and just about perfect, in any lighting, any pose. I did a little Q & A with Evan Seinfeld & Tera to find out the details.

 I talk with Evan & Tera-

Can you tell me how you and Tera found Lupe?
She contacted us on myspace, told us that Tera was her idol, and that she wanted to be marketed as a glamour girl, that she had a teen website. when i checked it out, she had twice the traffic of Tera or more. and that was before she got half as sexy as she is now, she is poised for greatness.

What did you love about her? She has the best attitude Tera and I have ever seen in the industry.. ever. period. A lot of girls get new-contract-itis. She is humble, sweet, sexy and a very hard worker with an unparalleled lust for life.

What made you want to sign her?
We took Lupe to Erotica LA and she drew a bigger crowd than any of the big stars there. It was insane. She has the stuff, the same kind of intangible magic that i have not seen since i met Tera… nuff said.

What kind of contract does she have with you?
She is an exclusive contract star of Teravision – Iron Cross, and Tera and I are her managers. We are going to be pushing her as hard as we have pushed Tera. As Tera spends more and more time with mainstream things like her upcoming book tour and mainstream tv etc. we want to have someone to focus on for our adult projects, and we think Lupe is more than hot enough to represent teravision.

Have you guys had sex with her yet?

Well I have not. I dont think it is professional to sleep with people you are in business with.. ( Tera and i were lovers before we were business partners).. Tera and Lupe have a lot of sleepovers and go in the hot tub alot, so who knows, but damn, Lupe is SEXY!

How do you communicate if she doesn’t speak much english?
I speak some Spanish and so does Tera, Lupe is studying English like crazy. It is really cute though , because she tries so hard. She is always smiling and that is part of her charm.

What plans do you have for her?
We just shot her first movies, 2 interactives, which will be released this fall. I expect big things. We won best interactive 2 years ago, and sold A LOT of those, so we know the power of one on one sex with a really hot star.. like Tera, or Lupe.

Is she going to have a website?  
We will have a teaser going up on and soon.

 In your opinion, what are the hottest things about her?
She has the greatest ass ever… and best smile i have ever seen.

What does Tera have to say about her?
” I just love Lupe, she is the perfect blend of exotic, glamour and the girlfriend next door. The industry had better look out. Lupe Fuentes is coming… literally.”


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