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IR blanket bumping on BB


Yeah, I like reality shows. As I was working late last night I had the live feed from Big Brother playing behind my work. I can hear their conversations and arguments etc, and find it interesting background noise. When their talking stopped, I figured it had timed out and I clicked the window back open to restart.  I was watching the screen as it come back up. My body knew what I was watching before my brain registered it. I immediately got that ahhh sexy feeling in the pit of my stomach and lower. Then my brain saw that I was watching (in night vision) a blanket covered figure humping on the bed. The first sound was her voice saying “Get it all over me, put it all over me and then a quiet  long grunt from him. All I saw and heard was one minute long and no naked body parts  showing, but for some reason, it was hotter then any of the movies I have watched this month. Hmmm. Here is a link to them blanket bumping (but not the time I saw)

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