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Is All Press Good Press?? Lets Ask Erika Icon

As most have heard the Alex Chance AHF escort letter was fake. Some of us pretty much knew it from day one, while others had to learn the hard way. I’m not one to beat a dead horse – unless Donny needs a meal. But, I’m not one to sit around and just forget that someone set out to ruin a person’s life and at the same time add a nail to the porn coffin. When you read the letter you can see clearly the person hates Alex.

I was just gonna let this die. But after awhile i decided the person or persons responsible shouldn’t be allowed to go free.. So me and TRPWL news team went to work. Sometimes the “just accuse someone and see what happens” approach works the best. First i needed a person with motive. I went into the porn beef vault and pulled out the little black book of beef. No Donny, not naked guys, but the list of people who have motive. Then like a Jew getting his foreskin removed after he turns 30 it hit me. Erica Icon hates everyone who doesn’t hire her. Let me check some writing style…

I hit up her blog, and she’s gloating over the accused’s misfortune. Seems odd for several reasons. Most importantly, the whole thing if true would be another black-eye for porn. The same porn that writes Erica checks. I often put aside personal feelings for the well being of the industry. Ill not post something even thou its clearly newsworthy or I’ll post something even thou I may not like the person its about. And I’m not really part of the adult industry. But Erica makes her money off pornstars and she seemed almost orgasmic over this letter. How could any person whose pro porn be happy about this ? Unless maybe they had a hand in it.

Everything I needed to fire off this text, “So you wrote a letter to AHF.” Thirty minutes later, her blog was gone. I’m not saying that makes her guilty of anything more then being a asshole. But it’s weird timing since I never said a word about her blog…

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Erica you’re right, all press isn’t good press.

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