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Is Conwoman / Scammer Amberly Rothfield on Hiatus From Scamming?

In the 10 years or so I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen my fair share of scammers.  Amberly Rothfield is one of those scammers. Using her skin tone and her dating preference to con her way into people lives over the last few years, shes been able to eke out a living stealing money from both performers, and companies…

At one point, she was feeding APAG intel on BIPOC, and vice versa.  Once even telling the APAG hags she could get them a meeting with the VP. Imagine the looks on APAG faces when they thought they could land some tax money only to find out Amberly was full of shit.

Now I could spend days writing up an XBIZ sky is falling detailed award winning post about all the complaints and DM’s I get about Amberly Rothfield, but why?

Where is all the BIPOC money Sinnamon stole?  How about APAG, what’s up with the dues and the “1000” members they claim to have? How many girls will Jessy Jones beat before people stop hiring him? How many women will Brad Newman sexually assault before Erika “Shrek” Icon and Sandra “Wants TRPWL” McCarthy drops him?

How many times will Motley scam a girl before people start looking sideways at them?

How many girls will a certain industry writer drug and rape before his bosses say fuck it and send him back to where he came from? How many girls will James Bartholet hook on drugs before AVN and XBIZ cut off his press?

How many women beaters will OC take before they say enough is enough?

See, for the shitheads of the world, porn is the best place to be a shithead. Every years there’s 100s of new girls, ready to be beat, raped and scammed, while the people who know better keep their heads down because they are afraid. Or they message me but never wanna go on the record cause they may lose some meth money.

Take this post, I have 7 girls, all of them have been ripped off or had really bad experiences with Amberly, NOT ONE wanted to go on the record, but they are all mad it keeps happening.

Luckily for Amberly, there’s a sucker born every minute.




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