Is it safe to have sex in a pool or hot tub?

I get it; warm weather makes your body hot and sticky and gives you the urge to jump in the pool. Hot tubs may also be the best thing that has happened to humankind since the invention of the light bulb, but you might want to think twice before getting dirty and naughty underwater. Again, I understand that having sex in the water is amazing; the water may not be living to its real potential if it doesn’t cover for some below the waistline activities. With that in mind, there are many reasons why you should save your nookie for dry land (no pun intended).

Sex in the water may feel sensual since you are already wearing next to nothing, but is it safe? Hell fucking NO. There is every possibility of getting an infection because pool and tub water is not the cleanliest. The very thought of rashes and yeast infections is not exactly appealing, are they?


Sex in a hot tub looks great on camera, in the movies and all that. But in reality, it’s not such a great idea. For one, you may develop hot tub rash known as Pseudomonas folliculitis. The rashes are a bumpy, itchy affair and although they will go away after a few days, there is nothing to enjoy about having rashes post-sex. If all that sounds gross, that’s because it is.

Besides, tub waters are not chlorinated enough, and they could be teeming with God knows what. The chemicals found in a hot tub can really mess up with a lady’s vaginal pH balance which could spell danger for her as she can get a yeast infection. Any woman will cringe at the very thought of that.

Also, the hot water will interfere with the woman’s natural lubrication which means the underwater romp will be more painful than sensual. A dry vagina can develop little tears that will definitely sting when they come into contact with chlorine. The woman will not only have an irritated vagina, but it sets her up for more bacterial infections as well.

Dirty water

As you know, tub and pool water is not the cleanliest. Pools may have chlorine, but they also have loads of bacteria.  The water is pretty dirty, and it can do all manner of damage to the vagina as well as the urinary bladder. The same thing applies for tubs. While you may still have some incredible sex underwater, there is every possibility you may contract random water-borne infections that will make the romp look like a bad idea after all.

Condoms will be rendered futile

First of all, the chlorine-saturated goodness that’s pool water can make latex entirely futile. If anything else, it means you can quickly knock up your girl which can suck the hell out of you if you are not ready for a kid. And who wants a kid conceived in a fucking Jacuzzi?

Here is what happens. The chlorine in the water can really mess up with the latex’s effectiveness. The fun bubbles can and will actually make the condom slip off your cock without you noticing. This will open up a whole set of more problems for you and your partner. Unless you are using a different kind of contraceptive, stay the fuck away from tub/pool sex. Unless of course, you want a tub baby, in which case you can go nuts at your pleasure.

Speaking of tub babies, the two of you can easily make one if you ejaculate inside the vagina. Contrary to popular belief, the semen doesn’t wash away even if some water may get in the vagina during your thrusts of pleasure. Medical experts say that some sperm can be released even before ejaculation raising the possibility of pregnancy if you are not on alternative contraception.

Condoms can easily break

Let’s say the water is safe to swim in and there is not too much chlorine. That makes the water safe to have sex in, right? Wrong.  The water-induced dryness, coupled with the friction, will most likely cause your condom to break. Having lube, if you manage to get your hands on some during your underwater adventure, can help alleviate the challenge a bit. But the big problem remains; oil-based lubes can damage the condom while water-based lubes will quickly wash off, leaving you in a catch-22 situation.

There is the added risk of STIs

While chlorine and other disinfectants in the water may kill SOME bacteria, that will not reduce the risk of you getting a sexually transmitted infection. Nothing and I mean nothing, can wash that away. In fact, having no lubricant can expose the vagina to micro-abrasions and increase your chances of getting an STI. Having said that, you won’t contract a random STI just because someone had a romp inside the pool before you. The trick, just like anywhere else in life, is staying safe.


If you and your partner are planning on having sex in a pool/tub, I highly urge you to drop the idea like a hot potato. You could try shower sex maybe, but pool/tub sex? There are way too many risks involved. Unless, of course, you want an infection, a baby, or worse still, an STI.

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