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Is Lori Michaels Alive?

Larry emails:

Do you remember Lori Michaels? If so, you might have heard that this past week a mystery message went out to some of her old site members, including me (I used to help mod her chat site using the nick Green). In that message it said basically that Lori had shared her account password with this mystery person so they could let everyone know that she passed away May 7. Cause of death being a heart condition she supposedly kept secret from her fans. Someone else told me that very same message was posted on a Yahoo Group site she was said to have put online. That site has been taken down. Well, since I had helped mod for her way back when, some have contacted me to see if I can find out anything to confirm her death and none of us have located any obit under what was at least a Vivid screen name of Lori Michaels. All in all it’s really pretty strange and since most of us have really long since departed from her site and lost contact with one another after this long. We’ve each been wracking our brains to figure out where to even begin trying to confirm Lori’s death. Because I’m certain that a number of members would like to pay respects to her or family members but she kept so insulated that nobody knows where or how to look.

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