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Is Masturbation Good For You?

Is Masturbation Good For You?

Welcome to the weird world of XXX science!  Is Masturbation good for you? Short answer is a resounding YES! We always like to dig a little deeper so today we’ll be sharing why masturbating is good for you… as if we didn’t already know that.

Lucky for us we have assistance from AsapSCIENCE to bring you a cute video stacked with information on why you should touch yourself and with masturbation comes visual stimulation otherwise known as our favorite thing- porn. So let’s get into these facts.

Masturbating releases dopamine which reduces stress levels when you finally hit your orgasm other endorphins released  can decrease the amount of pain you feel.

In women masturbating can actually reduce cramps which everybody knows is fucking awesome. Masturbating will also increase the hormone prolactin which goes hand in hand with sleeping so you’re sure to get a good night’s rest.

In men masturbating can actually fight colds by activating the immune system and creating white blood cells in the blood stream. More white blood cells means a healthier body.

That isn’t the only illness that masturbation can prevent. Pumping the python can also lower the chance of prostate cancer with frequent ejaculation. The science behind this is that when you ejaculate you’re also getting rid of carcinogens that can be built up inside your body. Nice!

Don’t worry about terrible sperm count. It turns out that whipping your willy can lower the amount of sperm that comes out but it doesn’t affect the amount retained by a female. This means she has a higher chance of getting pregnant with only fresh sperm in her. Unfortunately this is not great for one night romps so be sure to wear protection.

Now for something you really like to hear. Jherkin’ the gerkin’ or polishing the pearl can actually increase your sexual performance. Men and women both have pelvic floor muscles which can decrease as you age but playing with the penis or the clit can help strengthen these muscles.

Want to see masturbating in action? Check out some of our sexy solo girls and couples that help you increase your dopamine levels while they increase theirs.

Karlie Montana is Back and Hotter Than Before! provided by PORN.COM

We can see that Karlie Montana has no trouble pleasuring herself for us! She demonstrates some quality female masturbation.

Slender Cameron Love Gets Fucked And Eats Cum provided by PORN.COM

In this video we see masturbation done right! Cameron Love wanks on Jay Ahsley’s wood and shows us how it’s really done.

If you want to see more, don’t worry we have much, much more in our masturbation videos collection. Be sure to take a look!

Is masturbation a healthy part of your life? Share your thoughts in our comments below or keep the conversation going on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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