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Is Nexxxt Level’s Marcus London Using A Fake Vax Card?

A little birdy, actually make that several little birdies have informed me that Marcus London is using a fake Covid-19 vaccination card. In fact Marcus brags about it to other performers. Marcus feels Covid is no big deal. He’s also one of the newest additions to one of my favorite agencies, Nexxxt Level.

Sure hope Marcus didn’t attend an industry award show on Sunday night. That appears to be pizza he’s eating. You know the thing with cheese, which is usually made with milk, which comes from cows that are raped for the milk. Pizza also often has meat on it, which comes from animals, tasty animals. I bring this up, due to the fact that me and Marcus once argued on Twitter about milk. His little self got so worked up, he blocked me.

marcus london

Marcus showing what he thinks of his peers.

Poor guy, XBIZ should of put up one of those, “You need to be up to here—— to enter”, like they have at Disney World. But that may have kept a certain XBIZ employee out as well, which, while good for performer safety, and FIDO, could hurt clicks…

I’m glad the Queen isn’t alive to see this, Marcus has already brought shame to the UK, now he’s running around using a fake vax card which he probably purchased from the Jesse Jones fan who is supposed to kill me for 500 bucks. That’s 2 crimes man, both committed by NON USA residents. If there was ever a reason to shut down our borders, it’s Marcus London. I really hate to say this, but we need to Make America Great Again, deport Marcus, and put his antics behind us.

I’m also curious which idiot let him with a fake card? Someone told me Security Rapist was working the talent entrance. Which makes sense, if it doesn’t have a pussy attached to it, he won’t even look in that direction. Marcus could of showed him his Little Orphan Annie membership card without so much as a “Who’s Annie?” from Security Rapist.

Marcus’ vax card is as fake as Jonathan Morgan’s wife, Lauren’s red hair.

I guess at the end of the day, it’s none of my concern. After all, whats a fake VAX card in a business where people bang dogs and fuck in piles of shit…..

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