Is squirting real?

Today we are going to talk about that famous lots of juice that comes out of some ladies during sex. A lot of people are curious about this messy sexual phenomenon. Many porn studios have even created a niche for videos featuring women ’squirting,’ and they sell like hotcakes. But is female ejaculation real? What really happens when women experience the seemingly sexual ‘release? And why the fuck should we care? Let’s dive right into squirting and find out, shall we?

It is real, just not like in porn

If the only time you’ve seen a woman squirt is in porn movies, there is every possibility that whatever you saw was highly exaggerated. Drenched sheets are a sign that there was squirting, just not the way you see it in porn videos.

Another thing worth noting is that female ejaculation and squirting are two different processes and according to research, involve different fluids coming from different parts of the body. However, the two of them can be expelled during extreme arousal.

Female ejaculation is a fluid that is released in small quantities from the female prostate previously referred to as Skene’s gland. For those asking questions, women do have a prostate which is located near the lower end of the urethra. I will leave that for your biology classes. Back to female ejaculation, the fluid actually creates better lubrication during intercourse, but it’s hardly enough to call for towels.

Squirting, on the other hand, is the expulsion of massive amounts of clear liquid that comes from the bladder. You read that right; its watery pee. That is why in French, ladies who squirt are called ‘femme fontaine’ which loosely translates to ‘fountain women.’ Sometimes, the expelled liquid can gush out like a fountain, and that’s probably what you see in porn videos.

Some researchers used Ultrasound to establish that during sexual stimulation, women who squirt may have their bladders filled up with a fluid which empties after ‘squirting.’ Upon testing, the fluid was found to contain the same contents as urine. If you are not completely dumb, you certainly get the connection.

G-spot stimulation squirting

Some say that squirting happens when the G-spot is stimulated, but even then, there hasn’t been enough evidence that the G-spot actually does exists. Some studies say it exists; some say it doesn’t. Others say that it exists, just not in all women. The general consensus is the G-spot is tricky to find. Some say it is located about 2-3 inches in the top part of the vagina. If you insert your finger say, two knuckles and make a ‘come here’ motion with your finger, you can identify a slightly ridged area. If a woman is aroused, this area is filled with blood and can appear swollen.

Now that we have agreed that squirting can happen when a woman’s G-pot is stimulated, how many women actually experience this kind of squirting? According to sexual experts, around 10-30% of sexually active women have had a gushing moment during orgasm at some point.  Squirting is not exactly super common, but it sure does happen to a decent number of women.

How does it feel like?

For some women, squirting may feel like wetting the bed while others might have some less obvious feelings. However, it is important to note that it’s rare to pee during sex since the urge to do so is naturally ‘turned off’ when aroused.

Whether it is pee or female ejaculation, one thing is for sure; it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is also not something women who haven’t experienced it should be worried about it. If you have tried locating the G-spot in vain, don’t fret. Keep trying. There is no magic button.

Important: squirting may not necessarily happen at the same time as orgasm and not every woman find it pleasurable. Additionally, there is no clear determination as to which type of women can squirt. Women who can’t squirt should therefore not feel inadequate.

Squirting in porn is usually faked

If you have watched your fair share of porn videos, then you have seen that female squirting is the sign of sexual climax and that ability to make a woman squirt is an indication of sexual prowess. As a result, porn studios rake in big bucks from making squirting videos as they sell exceptionally well.

Subsequently, porn stars have trained themselves in the art of squirting or adopted tricks to fake the effect. According to Zoe Monroe, a renowned porn star and Adult Video News (AVN) nominee, the oldest trick in the book to achieve an orgasm is over hydrating and then training the vaginal muscles to release fluids on demand.

Other performers attribute the fountain effect to smoke and mirrors.  “Of course it’s faked for porn sometimes,” says another performer, Carter Cruise. I mean, you know it doesn’t shoot across the room, don’t you? Other actresses use an oral syringe to fill their vaginas with water which they hold until it’s the right moment. The secret is out folks.


Many gynecologists and sexologists seem to agree that the fluid that comes out during squirting is indeed pee, but people don’t want to hear about it. It’s not as glamorous or sexy, but it’s the truth. For those who enjoy it, continue doing so. But for those who have not experienced it, don’t make it a mission that you absolutely have to achieve.

It’s never that serious.

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