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Is The Erotic Review Next?

Moxie posts on XPT:

With pornographers getting prosecuted for obscenity, how exactly is it that agencies like Bella Models and sites like The Erotic Review get no love from the authorities. They aren’t just some low key operation, they are heavily promoted and not quiet at all about what they are doing.

While certain pornography may be deemed obscene by the courts, there’s no doubt the escort agencies are engaging in prostitution– an illegal activity. So how is it at all just that people like Jeff and Max have to spend millions to defend themselves, but these big time, heavily promoted agencies are getting off Scott free?

Steve York responds:

I really don’t think they’re getting off “scott free;” hasn’t there been a bit of pressure on TER for sometime from a far range of authorities?

I just think its too big of an issue (for authorities) to deal with and legally its just so much tougher to effectively battle an escort agency then say your average hooker on the street (that “paying just for my time” line holds up in court as well as easily arguing entrapment).

Or look at the DC Madame affair; look how much dirty laundry came out on tons of high ranking politicians. Consider this: spilling the beans on client lists is the first thing agencies do when caught, is it worth the risk for authorities to bust them? Do they really want to deal with collateral damage when that Pandora’s Box of a Little Black Book and its rich clients is opened for the world to see? Rich people generally use escorts like TER and Bella’s, not poor johns.

Open up any Yellowpages and look for Escort agencies. Open up any weekly newspaper in hundreds of cities and glance at the ads for in and outcalls (from everything from women to grannies to groups to guys to trannies). They’re everywhere and I’ve always felt there was a gentlemen’s agreement between most escorts and agencies (who do seem to practice safe sex and generally solid business practices surprisingly) and authorities not to bust them; would they rather have those girls hooking on the street for a fraction of the cash or in the privacy of their homes away from causing trouble for the populace?

I just think its an issue too large for any local jurisdiction to effectively deal with and the Feds are way too busy with obscenity, child porn and the such. They may bust a few madames, but those escorts will just be working again so soon after anyway, not to mention the possible shitty PR of busting girls working their way through college or mothers trying to make a living as an escort.

Sure there might be a few local busts, especially for single escorts on Craig’s list, but it will be a while before anything big is done in my opinion, and there will be plenty of warning signs.

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