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Is there a Donald Trump Sex Tape?

It’s okay. Calm down. No I wouldn’t do that to you! LOL

Don’t worry there isn’t a Donald Trump sex tape (that we know of). But there is an audio file I think you might want to hear that could be just as damaging to his career. Or not – it seems the more insane he gets the more popular he gets so hell for all we know this one may actually improve his ratings even more.

Of course this doesn’t come as a big surprise to anyone who has ever heard Donald Trump speak about women. But it’s still amusing nonetheless.

Metropolis Nights magazine got their hands on a recording between Donald Trump and celebrity reporter Chaunce Hayden that took place several years ago.

Donald Trump Audio

If this audio won’t play for you above, you can click here to download it.

Several years ago, Donald Trump was so furious over a story that celebrity reporter Chaunce Hayden planned on running in Metropolis Nights magazine about a date Donald went on with a Penthouse Pet gone bad, he decided he needed to call me at home to explain his thoughts on women! Shocking thoughts indeed!

Here is that tape ….. I hope it gives the media some idea of how Donald Trump truly feels about the opposite sex.

The transcript of this call can be read in the August issue of Metropolis Nights magazine

This recording is from 2004. The girl in question is Playboy Playmate and former Penthouse Pet of the Year – Victoria Zdrok. I actually know Victoria Zdrok from years ago – like 10 years ago and she told me about dating Donald Trump back in like 1999 or 2000. Basically she met him at the Playboy mansion back in her Playboy days. Note she was a real Playboy Playmate – not a “model” like so many porn girls claim to be “from Playboy” and you find out they were just a cyber girl or some model in one of the many random issues of a magazine Playboy owns. She’s the real deal baby!


If you don’t know who she is, she speaks like 7 languages, has a Phd in psychology, is a licensed entertainment lawyer. She had one more degree but I forgot what it was. It’s been to many years now.

She graduated high school at 16. She came to the US – back in the days when Russia was still communist. She was escorted to the US by her very own KGB agent.

She’s a published author, model and many other accomplishments. This girl is the real deal. Not some crazy whack job.

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