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Is there really a Kylie Jenner sex tape? Looks like it!

On Facebook yesterday I noticed one of those stupid fake news sites touting a story about how there was another Kim Kardashian sex tape. Those dumb asses missed the real story which is that there is a new sex tape (well maybe) but it’s not a Kim Kardashian one, no this time it’s of her underage sister Kylie Jenner with her 25 year old boyfriend, rapper Tyga, who was recently outed himself as having some sort of fling with a transesxual named Mia Isabella.

Kylie Jenner

No my friends, you can’t make this shit up. Did you know there is now even a website where you can see if you are somehow related to the Kardashians? More ont hat later though.

According to a recent story in OK! Magazine the youngest of the bunch, Kylie Jenner is “determined to be the new Kim” and wants to be a “Kim 2.0”.

Will the real Kim Kardashian please stand up? It has become harder and harder over the past few months to differentiate between 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and her 34-year-old sister. And guess what? That is no accident! Find out how Kylie plans on becoming Kim 2.0!

The OK! Magazine story goes on to say that they spoke to a source who told them that she even made a sex tape with her boyfriend Tyga. Some people are speculating that she plans on releasing it once she is 18.

Now before you get to excited, you should know that even if this story is true, there is absolutely no way this tape will EVER see the light of day because even if she waits to release it once she is 18, she was under age when she made it. So it is 100% impossible for this sex tape to ever be released. It’s the law. Period. No matter what – this sex tape cannot be released. Period.

The only thing this tape will do is serve as evidence against her 25 year old boyfriend Tyga for having relations with someone who is underage.

So sorry to break it to you, but there will be no Kylie Jenner sex tape — well at least not right now. But hey she is related to Kim Kardashian so maybe one day. Just not this one and not until she is over 18.



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