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Is this an entry into the “LIB’s Love Letter Contest”? Sophia e-mails me…


(NL-This is totally Sophia’s opinion, and not to be taken as truth or fact)

Sophia emails me-

i m not playing in to Your jerry springer bull shit any more. Jeremy cuts me down so women will feel sory for him and he will get laid. Ryan lies about us, so you wont hate him and throw him out!

He wants you to have me killed which is a bitch like quality. Real men would want to see a women beaten and then take pictures. But a fag would want to kill you. Because a fag is like a male version of a women! If I didnt know him. Wouldnt he have gotten a restraining order?

He said that because im telling you the truth! What do I have to gain in lying? Money? No! Fame? No! Its just the worst when some one you really love. Just uses you as filler to cover up being gay. Theres nothing wrong with being gay, there is somthing wrong about lying about who you really are!

P.s. Go look at jeremy steels coments on your site. He stated that I was Ryan knoxs x-g-friend! Look i have sympathy for you. For me to do anything like this to a guy. He has to of done somthing really bad. I asked him 2
stop making strap on sceens a month after I saw him which was 3 months ago!

I visited him when he was in reding california taking the amtrack witch was 14 hours one way! I knew everything he was into. He admited to me that he was really good at giving blow jobs. He even told me one day to whip it out! As if I had a dick.

I caught him and mike hash on the bed together. Don’t u get it ryan denies everything that wont keep him living in denial about being gay. Jeremys just a dick. I dont hate them or you. But i dont like the fact you used my name or my e-mail. Thats dumb.

I would rather kick you ass, then fuck up your whole life. My site is not going to ruin your life. Get over yourself you cant do shit to me. Because your drama site does not mater and all the b.s your saying makes me look beter. Thanks.


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