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Is this enough of Sophia yet? #4

NL- I dont’ want to keep all this good reading material to myself.  If I have to read this shit, I thought I ought to make you guys read it too. You are very welcome! lol


11.9.8 Sophia writes me- Do you really believe that I care about what anybody who posts on your site thinks? There is a couple of smart posters on your site. But most are ‘trash’ that no one should have the bad luck of knowing.

And if you think that Ryan or jeremy are going to stop me. Well then you had better buy yourself a clue. Ryan and jeremy are liers. Other male talent, hate working with them. They take to long to cum and hold everyone up on sets. But Ryan just makes guys sick on sets with the disgusting way that he jacks off. By pinching his niple and wacking his “no- wood-noodle”. Jeremy is such a “retarted-self-rightous” who takes to long to get off. And of course hes inocent.

Even if 3 other people knew that he took their shit. No one likes them and a lot of people make mad fun of those assholes. Even Ryans best friend told me not to listen to anything that Ryan has to say because every one laughs at Ryan behind his back. And Mike said that he was Ryans only friend out here in Cali.

But these “d-b’s” want to say “im this and that” You know what I say? Fuck-off-Ryan, you big mouth fucking piece of white trash scum! And as for datting you; “that was the worst and biggest mistake of my whole fucking life!” 

Jeremy has a bigger mouth then a whale.  Hes a fucking-lier and a fucking-parasite to humanity. Hes a drain and a loser “who hopes that his stupid doc, about his “hopeless-situation”, will be somthing people will buy.

Ive seen this disgrace, its a fucking joke. Tell Ryan “don’t be a homo phobe and to embrace his homosexual tendencys” Plus making any women; “full-fill-his-homo-needs” by taking a ‘strap-on’ to him is ‘WRONG’.

Ryans just mad; “that I wouldnt  fuck him in the ass with a strap-on.” He even wanted me to use a ‘dildoe’ on him after a blow job. You know why? Because
hes a sick-fucking-piece-of-shit!

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