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Is This Post About Bill Linton Anti-Semitic?

Here’s some background on Bill Linton aka Lynton Appleson.

The following post doesn’t seem anti-Semitic to me but it struck others that way.

From the Pola61blog:

It is so refreshing and great to see blogger such as “Luke is back ” where all the things that we hear about, only gets posted on that site. Rumors and peoples personal experiences with various situations finds its way into print, and becomes legendary, especially about San Fernando Valley’s pornographical Mecca. Well, to all temple visiting Jewish people that must be an insult to call it a Mecca, however, if you are a Jew and can’t find your way to Jerusalems own Mecca, why not set up shop, and create your own, as many Jews have, in the pornographical industry.

One ‘dodgy’ character seem to show up a lot on that site, a certain Englishman, a Englishman with Russian heritage, and add that he is Jewish makes it more interesting, he is still on a long journey, and far away from the real deal. While many have seen him in his office; drinking expensive Scotch, and B&B he puffs on a joint with his feet thrown up on the desk, scratches his groin while the crabs are running amok in his pants, he is still thinking about wether this is his Mecca or if he is going for a “walkabout” to look for God.

Jewish people in the industry have been given a bad rep because of people like the English Jew with Russian heritage. He is a bootlegging thief in many people’s eyes, steals, lies, smiles you in the face and stabs you in the back. So here is the big question: Since the entire industry knows about this Englishman, why does people deal with him. Why don’t they cut him out, who needs who if I may ask, is this industry afraid of a man, that will use others to do his dirty work. Everyone knows he is just a coward, or is that news to all adult entertainment companies, one stop shops etc?

This reminds me about a time when I went to a public bathroom in Canada, written on the wall it posted “I see you’re taking that shit! Now put it back.” Is it not time to teach the bootlegging Englishman some manners?

The author of this blog is a former Appleson employee who’s written a book about Lynton (not currently available). Here’s an excerpt:

I was called in to Ted’s office (Dane Production) one day and he started talking about bad things that were going on over at VIP Services He also said that he wanted me to leave Lynton and work full time for him. I was wondering if it was a set up, me leaving Lynton to work for Ted and then Ted turning around and letting me go. See how the paranoia works its way into everything? I knew that everyone knew each other in this industry and that made me very cautious. I said that I did not want to rush anything that I still had some work that had to be done for Lynton, and that it had to be done before I left him. I did not want to leave someone high and dry, that’s not my style. He told me that he had something he wanted to show me regarding Lynton and VIP Services.

Ted left the office and came back with a magazine; it was the AVN industry magazine that contained all sorts of articles and ratings of adult videos. He said, “Look into the legal section, for all I care this information I gave you never came from me.” I went to my car and opened up the pages and there it was in print, VIP Services was involved in a bootleg scandal. It said that a company called “Anabolic & Diabolic” was suing VIP Services for bootlegging 25 of their titles. I was pretty angry and upset. I knew that we all were eventually going to end up being subpoenaed to testify regarding this. I sat in my car and started to think, I knew that we always sent over exactly 25 titles to Nymph Pictures on Nordhoff. I remember that Lynton was so damn particular about the number 25. I remember one point in time when I told Lynton that I only had 20 titles and we could send them over now and do the usual 25 titles next time. He wouldn’t have that; it had to be 25. By mistake, I sent over 26 titles. That was the only time I made that mistake.

I had already figured out that Nymph Pictures and VIP Services were very much involved in this bootlegging scandal. I had seen the owner of Nymph Pictures a couple of times at Nymph Pictures and a few more times at VIP Services. He was a short little guy. I took one good look at him and I knew that he was someone with tons of secrets and that he would go to any length to get what he wanted. He did not care about the consequences.

I ripped out the article, started my car, and left for the office at VIP Services. I thought about what I was going to say. Many things were tumbling around in my head. How deceptive Lynton was and how he constantly lied about everything. This was my turning point. From now on, I was closely watching whatever was going on when I went into the office. I had to protect myself and keep clear of his illegal dealings.

Back at VIP Services, Lynton’s office door was open. I looked in and asked if I could have a word in private. He said sure and I went to close the door. I showed him the article and he looked away at the security monitors that monitored the whole building. I said, “Have you seen this month’s issue of the magazine?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “Don’t you find it a coincident that they are talking about 25 titles? You always send over 25 titles to Nymph Pictures. You know that you need to turn him in.” I was referring to the owner of Nymph Pictures.

Then he started to tell me this “story” that he got the stuff from someone and that he called up Chris Malibu, the owner of Anabolic & Diabolic, and said, “Chris I have some of your titles here what do you want me to do with them?” According to Lynton, Chris said to hold on to them and that he was going to get back to him. I did not believe a word that came out of his mouth. It made no sense. Why would Chris make a stink in the paper about it if he were not concerned?

I left Lynton’s office and noticed that Rosie had a new assistant, Trish. She had been working for four months. I asked her about the magazine of the month and she said that Lynton took them and hid them all. I understood then that he did not want anyone to see the article, but everybody found out eventually.

It would only be a matter of time before this house of cards would come tumbling down.

Further into the book…

I called up Vicky, who I had not spoken to for nearly a year. She was now working for another porn company in Van Nuys. We talked for a long time and she told me that Lynton had approached her at a funeral, of all places, and whispered in her ear, “Don’t fuck with my company.” I told her what had happened to me after she had left VIP Services. This made her upset. She told me that Anabolic & Diabolic’s lawyers approached her regarding the bootleg incident. She told them that she had nothing to say. After our conversation, Vicky apparently changed her mind and decided to talk.

Vicky called Chris at Anabolic & Diabolic and said that she wanted to talk about the bootlegging. She mentioned my name and he became really, interested in what I would have to say. Chris asked Vicky to give me his number so that I could call him. I thought about it for all of about one millisecond and called him up. I also gave his number to Trish so that she could get in touch with them as well. Trish was a very important witness in this case, but no one knew where she was or how to contact her, no one that is, except for me.

A month before I quit working for Lynton, I had found Trish a better job, a legit job, working for a company with a regular payroll and benefits; 401k, medical and dental, vacation, and holiday pay. These were all the things that Lynton could never offer. Lynton found out long after Trish left that I was the one who got her the job that enabled her to leave Lynton. I had already planned to leave VIP Services and I wanted Trish to leave before me. By doing this, I essentially knocked down the supporting stones that were holding up the rackety roof of Lynton’s company. Trish was the only one who new the accounting and who could run the office. Without her, Lynton would be lost. It was only a matter of time now, but that rackety roof was about to fall in on him. This Christmas was going to be another one of those memorable ones for all of us.

Chris and I played phone tag for a while before we finally were on the phone at the same time. He asked me questions about the bootlegging and I told him all about my conversations with Lynton in the early summer about the article in the industry magazine. Chris said that he had never called Lynton, as Lynton had told me, and he never told Lynton to hold on to the bootlegged tapes. This was just as I had suspected. I told Chris all about the 25 titles we steadily duplicated through Nymph Pictures. I knew that Lynton had duplicated at least 2,500 pieces of each title. I said that at one point and time I had asked Lynton why he was duplicating through Nymph Pictures because it was so much more expensive than other duplicators. Nymph charged $1.79 per DVD duplicated and SKURA charged only 62 cents per DVD. Lynton said that the owner of Nymph Pictures “carried” him or, in other words, he was financing Lynton. Lynton did not have the money so he got credit from Nymph.

One day, Lynton was walking around in his warehouse looking troubled. I asked him what was bothering him he said there was nothing I could do about it. I was persistent, so he turned to me and said with a little bit of attitude in his tone of voice, “Can you lend me $60,000?” I knew he was serious, but I looked at him and laughed in order to try to ease the situation. I knew that we were expecting a new shipment from Nymph Pictures with the usual 25 DVD titles that we had them duplicate for us. It was obvious that Lynton owed Nymph Pictures a lot of money; he had put himself in a bad situation and made it worse by getting involved with the worst crook in the porn industry.

Nymph Pictures was looked down on because the owner had bootlegged many other titles during his time in business. In fact, bootlegging had landed Nymph Pictures in court and cost him plenty. Therefore, I was not surprised that he would be involved in Lynton’s bootlegging scam. The owner of Nymph had no scruples and was known to drop his prices so low that it was impossible for other companies to compete, as much as Lynton did. In this latest scam, he had VIP Services order products from VIVID because they would not sell to Nymph Pictures. Lynton would purchase 10,000 pieces from VIVID and when the order arrived, Lynton would call the owner of Nymph Pictures and tell him that the product had arrived. He would show up at Lynton’s with payment in hand and take 8,000 pieces with him. Lynton would keep the remaining 2,000 for himself. If VIVID had known about this, they would have never sold Lynton the products. They were weary of bootlegging and knew that was in Nymph Pictures’ nature to bootleg other company’s products. Nymph’s reputation was legendary.

I had barely begun to tell Chris about Lynton and his world famous behavior when Chris asked me if I would testify. Without hesitation, I said that I would. He told me that he would have his lawyer call me to make the arrangements. A little later on that same day I was on the phone with the Chris’ lawyer, Leonard Messinger from Fulwider Patton LLP. He was a very nice and knowledgeable man; however, he was a bit surprised and shocked by what he heard from me. What did he expect? This was not the kind of stuff that was on the daily menu at VIP Services for all to read.

I told the lawyer that Lynton kept his accounting books in his computer using a program called QuickBooks. The lawyer was surprised to learn that Lynton had never closed the books. He kept the books constantly open so that he could make his little adjustments. I do remember one time when Rosie had said something about that, she boasted that she could go in and change anything at any time for any reason. She added that when a customer was invoiced, but later decided to pay in cash, she would use reuse or recycle that invoice number. Rosie would do this by deleting the customer name and all other information on the invoice so that all records of the transaction would disappear. She would then have that customer shred the invoice that was sent to him, making it as if the transaction had never happened. Rosie would then reuse the invoice number for the next customer who paid off an invoice.

This happened to invoices for customers going back many years and it was something that could only been done if the books were not closed at the end of each year. I told the lawyer that he should talk to Trish because she knew more about this practice than I did. He asked me if I had seen any titles belonging to Anabolic & Diabolic. I told him that I did not know of any titles by that company because I was always busy concentrating on VIP Service’s products. We talked about many things, and he asked me if I would testify if he subpoenaed me. I said that I would gladly help. Later that same week I received a subpoena from the lawyer and, in with the papers, was a list of Anabolic & Diabolic’s product titles that had been bootlegged by Lynton. I looked over the list and remembered seeing a couple of the titles in the warehouse.

I came across these titles when I was double-checking the DVD titles that we had Nymph Pictures duplicate for us. I took notes and went all over the warehouse where I saw many other titles. Some of the titles stuck with me because they had a funny ring to them. At the upcoming deposition, I would tell the lawyers what I had seen in Lynton’s warehouse.

I was not the only one who was subpoenaed; the lawyers went over to VIP Services and hand delivered subpoenas to Lynton’s sales people and the warehouse crew. I knew this worried Lynton a great deal, but I figured that he would coach them all on what to say, that was his style. The lawyers knew that he would do this and were not too worried because they had Vicky, Trish, and I who would tell how things were; in other words, the truth. We were all they really needed to make their case. The lawyers were slick enough to make it look like it was a coincidence that we were called to testify.

Vicky called me and said that she had been served her papers to offer testimony in the case. She also said that one of Lynton’s lackeys, ex-pornographer Peter Kinsler, had called Vicky and said, “There is a meeting at Lynton’s, and if you show up you could make some money off it.” Lynton had called the meeting because he wanted to pay for Vicky’s silence. He could not afford to have her talk, she simply knew too much.

Vicky said to Peter, – “Just so you know, I just got served my papers.”

He got all quiet and pretended to be cool, but she could tell that he was worried, very worried. Later on that same day, Peter asked Vicky’s mother, “She won’t say anything, will she?”

Vicky’s mother answered him by saying, – “I don’t know. I can’t tell you what my daughter will do nor will I tell her what to do.”

Peter was busy running Lynton’s little errands and I wondered why he would do this for Lynton after all the terrible things that Lynton had said about Peter. Oh, they were a not nice thing, that’s for certain. Lynton had even gone so far as to post some nude pictures of Peter on the internet without his knowledge. Yes, I saw the pictures; Vicky showed me one night when we were alone in the office. What can I say; you have seen one naked man and you have seen them all. Peter was dressed in his birthday suit and nothing more. The pictures of Peter were from both the front and the back, so he was in all his glory for all to see. Lynton also used Peter just to get free rooms in Las Vegas. That was about all Lynton used him for, in addition to making a fool of him. I wondered if Peter knew that Lynton was the one who took the pictures. Well, I guess there is no reason for telling him now, is there. We will see how long this friendship will last.

Before going to the deposition, I had mentioned to Anabolic’s lawyer my problems with Lynton; about the title I owned and the other things he was doing to me. I told him that Lynton was trying to scare me off and intimidate me with his lawyer’s letters, saying that I had to return the masters and the chromes to Lynton. By Lynton asking for the chromes and the masters, it was obvious that he was talking out his ass by claiming to be the owner of the materials. Without a master and no trace of the chromes, what the hell was he talking about? How could he own something but not be in possession of the materials? Well, he was implying that while I was working for him that I had stolen his property. That was something he had to prove first and, with no proof, he was SOL. I, on the other hand, was pissed that he would accuse me of stealing at a time when he was going to court for stealing. The lawyer said that he was going to talk to his partners regarding my situation.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “When pointing one finger at another you have three fingers pointing back at you.” Be very careful when pointing fingers.

On my way to the lawyer’s office, located at the Howard Hughes Center, for my deposition, I received a cell phone call from one of the many Anabolic’s lawyer’s partners. He said that they would take my case against Lynton and make me their client on a pro-bono basis. He said to me that he thought Lynton was such a scumbag that it was a pleasure to do this for me. So, now I had a top of the line lawyer in my corner and Lynton was going to go down on this one if he chose to continue to go after me. Today was just not a good day for my revenge against Lynton, today it was also my birthday, and what a nice birthday present this was. I could not have asked for more. It was going to be sweet to see Lynton’s lawyer when he found out that Anabolic & Diabolic’s lawyers were representing me as well; they were good, I give you that.

My deposition included all the things that I have covered so far, including the illegal drugs, cash for merchandise, cash payment every other week to the employees, questionable duplicating, and more. Lynton’s lawyer started to ask me if I had ever called him a Jewish asshole. I asked him where he got that from, then he asked me again if I had several e-mail accounts. I looked at him with a questioning look on my face and told him that I didn’t understand. Frustrated, he again asked if I had several e-mail accounts. I said that I did, then he started to name them and I acknowledge that they were mine. Then he asked the first question again, if I had ever called Lynton a Jewish asshole. I thought to myself that I had not ever called him that, but I might have called him simply an asshole once or twice. I said no to the Jewish, part but that I was not so sure about the asshole part. He was an old fox, this lawyer, and he tried to make me look as if I was anti-Semitic. He had nothing better in his bag of tricks than to pull out the hate card. The truth to be known, I find that all men who operate ‘dirty business’ in this industry are assholes. If they happen to be Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or whatever, then it is their fault for making their particular community look shitty, not mine for having my opinions shaped by their actions. What they do really goes against their religion. One moment they go to pray and next they are holding their jocks and laughing at the girls who are making them money.

That day many depositions were held; some at the Howard Hughes Center and others in Woodland Hills. During my deposition, a problem occurred. One of Anabolic’s lawyers came into the room, where my deposition was held, to tell Lynton’s first lawyer that his partner had called and said that he was not going to show up at the other deposition in Woodland Hills. Anabolic’s lawyer said that he would go ahead and do the deposition anyway. This did not go over too well with Lynton’s lawyer and a harsh argument between the lawyers took place off the record. I was watching a tennis match with fireballs flying through the air in the form of words. This heated exchanged lasted several minutes and Lynton’s lawyer naturally wanted this conversation off the record.

Lynton’s single lawyer tried to corner me with questions, but he had nothing of importance or relevance to ask me. We played our little cat and mouse game and I followed all the rules. Not being able to trap me or trip me up, he eventually gave up and the deposition was over.

I felt throughout the whole deposition that there was a crook among us and that crook was Lynton’s lawyer. He had no supporting arguments. When he was not trying to label me as an anti-Semite, his questions only worked to prove how deeply Lynton was in this bootlegging scam and how dirty he really was. A few days later, I felt fatigued. I was tired and exhausted, and I did not know what it was. I talked to Trish and Vicky, and they said they were feeling the same way. We agreed that it had to be the stress from the questions at our depositions. Vicky’s deposition had to be re-scheduled because there was not enough time for everything she had to say. Trish told me that Lynton’s lawyer had nothing to ask her, and, when he did ask her a question, he regretted it right away because her answer only incriminated Lynton further. There was nothing he could do; she was telling the truth and nothing could stop that. Finally, I felt that Lynton had played his last quarter and he was now out of extra lives. The game would soon be over.

Trish’s deposition was the last nail in the Lynton’s coffin. She incriminated both Lynton and his two lawyers, who just so happened to be father and son. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Lynton was another rotten apple’s son. Anyway, Trish described Lynton’s “open-ended” accounting procedures and confirmed that his books were not closed at the end of the year. She explained that the books were still open for every year Lynton had been operating VIP Services Trish continued to offer up even more revelations by telling the lawyers that Rosie and Lynton had told her that Nymph Pictures was involved in this crooked accounting scheme as well. The lawyers then presented Trish with a pile of invoices and instructed her to point out only the small purchase orders that contained Anabolic’s bootlegged products. She took out all the purchase orders for copying, there were about 400 orders that she copied, but, in the end, only a handful of them actually made it to court. Some of the big companies in the Valley had bought the bootlegged videos from Lynton too, but Anabolic’s lawyers wanted to protect them from being questioned.

Trish confirmed my testimony regarding people paying in cash. I had seen transactions between Lynton and buyers in the warehouse where bundles of money were exchanged. However, that was not all; some of Lynton’s sales reps went out to local customers and came back with cash payments that they gave to Rosie for handling.

Rosie; just who was she? Well, to expand a bit on what I said earlier, she was a big person who sat behind the desk in Lynton’s front office and spent most of her pathetic existence yelling all day long, talking shit about people, and gossiping with Lynton. She was really a worthless lump of flesh with no redeeming qualities at all.

I was in Lynton’s office one time when a sales rep. who had arranged a meeting between Lynton and a cash buyer came back into Lynton’s office after the transaction. I could see that he was obviously very upset because he made no money off the sale; Lynton was not going to pay him his commission. Lynton and the sales rep. got into an argument and finally Lynton broke down and gave the person a measly $50 just to stop him from complaining. Lynton just wanted to get rid of him that is all.

Anabolic’s lawyers requested a list of the people who had worked for and were still working for Lynton. Lynton had Trish type up a list with only the first and last names of the employees for the lawyers. He had her leave out Social Security Numbers and phone numbers in order to make it difficult for Anabolic’s lawyers to contact anyone who could testify against Lynton. This was done at the suggestion of Lynton’s roadside lawyer. After all was said and done, all we had left to do was to sit back and wait to see what the outcome would be.

So why?

Lynton is a man who can’t get enough when it comes to sex; he is an abuser just as he abuses drugs. The little sales rep who he is dating from the office constantly makes fun of Lynton behind his back, but then she goes back smooching and sucking up to him in order to try and get a piece of his fortune. One money-loving whore trying to take advantage of another – what a pair.

When Lynton is partying, he does not ask what he is snorting, smoking, or shooting, he just do it. I am told that most “normal” drug users do not do drugs without being curious as to what they are using. No, not Lynton, he just goes for the platter of drugs as if it is a buffet and loads up. It’s only after that he asks what it is.

Lynton uses people for only as long as he needs them. He uses them until someone else comes along and can do your job for less. He does not care about quality, only saving a buck or two. He uses women as he uses his employees. One time one of Lynton’s girl friends found out that he was seeing another woman and she ran straight over to his house. When she got there, she peaked through the windows and she saw the woman and Lynton chasing each other around in the house naked. The next day, she confronted Lynton about this in the office. She was very upset and angry, and wanted to know who the hell that woman was. She made quite a scene at the office. Sometimes Lynton did end up being caught with his dick in his “briefcase”; this was one of those few occasions.

Dealing with the company on Nordhoff St. regarding the bootleg incident was another one of those situations. He always has his hands in someone else’s cookie jar, so it’s a matter of time before he gets caught again and has his little fingers smashed. Lynton is a very lonely, timid, and extremely paranoid man. In his demented little world, every man is a thief and every woman is a whore. What a nice outlook on the world. In 1995-96, Lynton had his life threatened, but then when has he not had his life threatened, he constantly puts himself in the target area, and if someone can aim properly he will be joining Chris Walsh, six feet down. He asked a friend to protect him, so the friend offered him a gun, but Lynton was afraid of guns and would not even touch it. Most people in this industry carry guns and have dogs to protect themselves. Lynton has none of that and, in fact, he hates violence.

There are two people that he fears most of all; one is the owner of Nymph Pictures and the other is his ex-wife Emi. Lynton fears the owner of Nymph Pictures because of his connections to the Israeli mafia. He fears his wife because she knows a lot about his behavior and his habits through their son. Either of them knows enough to put Lynton in jail for some time.

I get a call from a source. “What’s your interest in Lynton?”

Luke: “Just that of a journalist. He hasn’t done anything to me. He’s a story. That’s all. I don’t care one way or another.”

Source: “Why is Gregory Shearer (of White Tiger Video), an ex-cop (San Bernadino, why did he get discharged?), working for the dirtiest guy in the business?”

From the Pola61 blog:

So who helps this Englishman to keep up the four posts of his castle, no one other than Greg Shearer AKA Spanky and his right hand Kurt Harold. Wonder why his name is Spanky, is it because he likes to spank, or to be spanked or both. Well this man is very clear on what he wants, and tries to run this operation like he is in the police force, he should know since he is an ex-cop. What does a ex-cop do in the adult industry working with the most corrupt porn producer? Good question, what does an ex-cop do in the adult industry period, and answer to that is, if an ex-cop is not retired he is 99% corrupt, so there we have the answer, or is it just pure speculation? Someone who use to work in the law inforcement, then walked over to the other side, that kind of action sure smells to high heaven.

In today’s 9/10/07 news it states that Hot Desert Knights, that are located in Palm Springs is now supplying someone else instead of the big white kitty, which nails got too deep and nasty. Maybe the white kitty needs to file down the nails and start a different approach if the kitty is going to be able to maintain some decent credibility. However, since the dodgy Englishman seem to run the operation, that will be most unlikely.

XBIZ probably wanted to interview the dodgy Englishman, but a man of this statuer probably wants to surf under the radar, since he is well known for selling bootleg, and producing bootleg with other components involved.

Source: “How does the Jewish community feel about people like Bill Linton?”

Luke: “I’m 99% sure that Linton, like other Jewish pornographers, has little to do with the Jewish community. Jews feel the same way about pornographers as other groups do. All communities, be they latino or Christian or Italian, loathe pornographers.

“Jews in porn rarely belong to synagogues or to other Jewish organizations nor are they honored by the Jewish community. They’re shunned in Jewish life just as they are shunned in Gentile life.”

“Very few Jews are pornographers but a lot of pornographers are Jews just as few Jews are communists but many of the early communists were Jews.

“Jews in porn tend to be non-Jewish Jews. There’s little that’s Jewish about them. They just happened to be born of Jewish mothers. A Jew is a Jew even if he affirms nothing in Judaism while a Christian must affirm Christ to be a Christian.”

Source: “Linton would kiss the mezuzah one time and then f— people when he got inside.

“He has a mezuzah outside his [porn] building.”

A mezuzah is supposed to be a “constant reminder of G-d’s presence.”

I’m looking at mine right now.

Source: “He kisses it every time he goes in. He thinks that is giving him good luck. He should know better that when you kiss the mezuzah, it’s for God’s presence and mitzvot.”

Luke: “Does Linton belong to a synagogue and participate in Jewish life?”

Source: “He did. His son had a bar mitzvah. He probably goes to the synagogue and then to his own temple on Canoga Ave and screws people to pay his bills. What are you laughing at?”

Luke: “I’d be surprised if he went to synagogue more than once a year.”

Source: “He’s unfaithful to his girlfriend. He’s bringing in a girl he was banging one night and looks at me and says, ‘You better not tell Rachel [McGuire, Linton’s salesperson, together for seven years]!’”

“He loves that he’s Jewish. He pounds himself on the chest. If anyone says anything bad, he’ll stand up on his desk and start screaming that everyone is a cunt.”

“He checks his bank account on the hour. He’s frantic about it. He cancels checks and tells people he’ll send another one and then never does. He avoids the phone and hides in a corner.”

“I met [Chatsworth enforcer turned murder victim] Chris Walsh many times. He was very charismatic and very sleazy. He would do drugs in the office and be told to leave. All the while people are smoking pot in the building.”

“Linton has this guy Jose who works in the warehouse and sends out all the bootlegs.”

“Linton will buy stuff cheap that’s supposed to be shipped overseas. But he stashes it in his warehouse and sells it to U.S. retailers for domestic sales.”

Luke: “What was Linton’s relationship to Chris Walsh?”

Source: “He was supposed to protect his ass because Linton was threatened so many times. Walsh would sit on Linton’s black leather couch all day long talking smack about everybody until it was time to go home. And he ended up in a dumpster.”

“Linton had a lot of movies without 2257 documentation. Before the FBI came, he got rid of the movies.”

Luke: “Linton had a couple of 2257 inspections?”

Source: “Yeah, but they didn’t look in the right place. All the stuff is in his upstair’s office. He had one guy fabricate 2257s for him.”

“Linton doesn’t come out and give you your paycheck. He waits until you come in and ask for it. He typically pays late.”

“Do you know why his company is called Overlord? He wants to be that. He wants to feel the power. He lost the name when he failed to pay his corporate name fee.”

“How can Linton afford to buy a house in Palm Springs and to buy a house in Woodland Hills?”

“Like Linton, Chaim Cohen does a lot of bootlegging with small runs. He has a shop on Nordhoff St, run by a relative. They were selling the stuff in stores around LA.”

Linton does a lot of business with Dennis Heijnen (Shots Media) in the Netherlands.

Source: “Phil Provenzano took some of Lynton’s movies and sent them to AEBN, an online VOD PPV operation. For a  couple of years, this company has been sending Phil royalty checks.

“Phil says that years ago Lynton screwed him on a compilation deal.

“Lynton sent AEBN a legal letter. AEBN took the stuff down right away and sent him the last month royalty check.”

My source tells me to use JDate. “Linton’s on there. Jack524 I believe.

“He’s also on FriendsUnited in the UK.

“He had a good friend name who helped him start his business out of the back of his garage. In the middle of the night, he got a lot of shipments to his garage.

“Then Linton opened up in a warehouse and then on to Canoga Ave in Chatsworth.

“Linton was threatened one time. Jack tried to teach him how to hold a gun. Linton freaked out. He wouldn’t even touch the gun.

“People in this industry have dogs and guns in their house but Linton won’t touch any of that.”

So this mainstream hollywood writer with some pretty good credits is aging out and through his friend Richie Fauk (since overdosed) meets fat Peter Kinsler, and being creative, the hollywood guy comes up with the dumbest idea of his life, make a porn series CSI, or, Come Scene Investigation. This was back a couple of years. So kinsler smelling a fish, takes him to appleson, with $16 thou to shoot 2 videos. Lynton shoots the first, the worse porn movie ever made and tells hollywood he used up all the sheckels.

Now it gets interesting. Hollywood wants his dinero back and is told there is none, so Hollywood goes to visit Appelson’s place with two B.I.G size black dudes, one of which whips out a hand cannon, and would have splattered rosie’s fat ass and Lynton all over Chatsowrth except Hollywood stops them and they leave.

Two hours later Chris Walsh calls Hollywood. So next morning Walsh and Lynton and Hollywood meet for breakfast. Lynton pays back 2 thou with agreement to pay 6 more. Two weeks later Walsh is taking a nap in dumpster, and Hollywood guy never gets paid. A hollywood ending.

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