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Isis Taylor- Interview- Part 2-“In this business you are either white or you are black”

Interview By Cindi Loftus 
Pictures Courtesy of
 ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

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AF: So that’s when you went into porn. Why did you get into porn?
 I: I had a friend who lived in one of the model homes (a porn agency’s house) . And it seemed like she was having a shit load of fun. She was always on set, like orgy sets and it was like a big ass party. I would go with her and people would be fucking. And I would go to another party more people would be fucking and it seemed like a normal day in San Fernando Valley. One day I just decided, let’s do this. So she introduced me to this guy and said he’ll pay you a couple grand for a boy/girl scene. I got there and I was talking a lot, which is hard for me to do, because I already talk a lot normally. So they turned on the camera and he and I started making out and he licked my vag and I gave him a blow job and when his girlfriend came in I was like Fuck, I didn’t realize the girlfriend was going to be there. So she was really nice and when I am blowing him I am using the wrong hand and she keeps moving my hand, so if you ever watch the scene you will see this other hand coming in, and you will be like where is that other hand coming from?

AF: She was directing you right?  
I: Yeah, because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And she was saying suck it better. I was getting all into it. And then it was done. I got paid. And then somehow his stills camera memory stick was screwy and we had to re do all the pictures and I was juiced because I got more money. Funny situation, because I am actually married to that guy now, the one I did my first scene with.

AF: Very cool. So that was a couple years ago. 
I: Yeah it was in 2008. We just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary in March.

AF: Congratulations. Is he in the business still?  I: He has his own production company. He doesn’t really work for other people. In this business you are either white or you are black. There is no in between. When I came into the business they asked me if I was part black, and I said no I am definitely not black. For me and my husband we check the “other” box. For the black companies he’s not black enough.

AF: What’s his name? 
I: Ethan Hunt.

AF: Is he mixed? I: He is African American and Native American.

AF: I’m going to have to look him up now and see what he looks like. 
I: If you go on google you will find pictures of us all dressed up. Or if you want to see really raunchy pictures with his dick out, you can go to his site

AF: I’m starring at your picture while we talk and you actually have gorgeous boobs and a perfect ass. And you were born with both of them.
 I: Thank you. Yes, I love my tit-tays. They are awesome. I am one of those lucky people I gain my weight in my tits and my ass, where everybody wants to gain their weight. One day I woke up and my boobs were bigger, they went from a 34B to a 34D. My ass I don’t know, my husband likes to believe it’s all him. Apparently the way he fucks girls makes their ass bigger.

AF: He can bottle it and sell it. 
I: He should bottle it and sell it. We should put it in a little bottle and ship it out to all those no ass girls.

AF: There are many no ass girls who would love to have that. You aren’t even legal to drink yet are you?   I: No, in October I will be buying all the liquor in the world and I might not even drink it, I might just give it away to people. It’s just that I am finally legal to buy it.

AF: What will be your first legal drink?  I: I really enjoy Nuvo, it’s a fruity drink. I’m not a drinker. I’m not going to take four shots of Jack. (Laughs)

AF: You are young to be married too  
I: I know. But I partied my ass off when I was younger and now I enjoy staying home, playing video games with my husband and watching after my dogs.

AF: There is nothing wrong with that, I’ve been married for more than twenty years and I like to do the same things.
  I: My family believes in marriage.

AF: You get married and stay married. I like my husband and my dog and my big screen TV.  
I: That’s all you need in life. (Laughs) I have three dogs.

AF: They are like your kids. My dog has a pet cat. She comes and gets me when it’s time to feed the cat. 
I: (Cracks up) That is funny.

AF: Who are your favorite people to work with?  
I: My husband, as far as girls, I just worked with Kaylynn the other day, she’s back. She was fun to work with. Lisa Ann was awesome to work with. Asa Akira was an awesome performer to work with. There are people that I really want to work with like Andy San Dimas. That would be hot I think. Sofia Santi is really hot. Adrenalynn is smoking hot. I think I like brunettes.

AF: Have you done a scene with Teagan? 
I: No I haven’t. But I’ve seen her naked.
AF: She’s hot. She has a kick ass body.
I: She does! Her ass has gotten bigger so she is more my type now. I like her a lot. I will be working with her eventually. I don’t know when.

AF: I don’t just like the way she looks though. I like her, and I like Josh. 
I: Oh me too. I like to hang out with them. They are not swingers. They are normal people. We have normal conversations. Every time I meet couples they say oh we should go bowling and that’s code for we are all going to fuck later. I have to tell them that we aren’t swingers and then they say ah damn. Some girl said to me the other day, how would you like to join in on me and so and so. And I said no, we are not swingers.

AF: Why does everyone think that if you are in the sex business you have to be a swinger?  
I: I dunno.

AF: If you do porn for a living that means you want to have sex with every person every minute off camera too? 
I: I don’t know. To be honest it’s usually older couples that are swingers. I enjoy quality time with my husband, and I don’t want other penises and vaginas involved. Now don’t get me wrong I am a voyeur and I enjoy watching him with other girls but it doesn’t happen that much because we don’t often find girls that are up to our standards.

AF: I will invite you over to go bowling, but it will be Wii bowling and there will be no sex involved  I: (Laughs) I love Wii bowling. I’ve been beaten by a six year old, but that’s okay.

AF: I like playing Wii and scrabble so that tells you how boring I am.  
I: I love Scrabble and Monopoly. I even have the apps on my Iphone. My fans think I am the ideal girl because I watch sports and play video games and eat pizza. Then I say I don’t like pizza. And they say never mind, I don’t like you anymore. (Laughs)

AF: So you have your own website,  
I: Yes and I’ve been working on it a lot.

AF: Do you have sex with your husband on your website? 
I: I do. I actually have a lot of sex with my husband on my website.

AF: Wouldn’t that be considered interracial?  
I: Kinda, not really, I don’t know. To be honest, I think interracial fans consider interracial big black penis, like Lexington Steele. According to interracial fans my husband is not black enough for them. Interracial to me is any guy I have sex with because nobody is my race.

AF: You are often put in the Latin category, but you are Peruvian, Israeli and Scottish. What a combination.
  I: I am mixed with everything. I don’t really identify with any group. If I am asked to check a box, I make my own box. If you are going to categorize me, Latin makes sense. But I don’t speak any Spanish except, hey Papi. I think of myself as American.

AF: That’s what confuses me I guess. I think I always ask about interracial in my interviews because to me interracial is having sex with someone of a different race then you are. So if you are white and you have sex with an Asian guy, isn’t that interracial?   I: That’s what I think. On my site, I use my husband, because he is free.

AF: And I bet he really hates you using him.
   I: I get to have sex with the man I love so I couldn’t ask for a better job in the world.

AF: Do you do anal?  
I: Ahhh, no. About anal. I have never had butt sex in my life, ever. I have never taken a dick in my ass. I’ve been kind of working on it, it’s kind of frightening though. Something going in my butt, that’s not a good place to put things.

AF: I agree. I am exit only. Describe yourself in ten words.
I: Really fucking awesome, no that’s only three words.

AF: Okay you have seven to go.  
I: Amazing, gorgeous, I don’t know how to describe myself.
(Isis’s husband says in the background “Stellar”)

AF: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?  
I: I’m into porn because I enjoy regular good old fashioned fucking, whether it’s in doggy or up against a wall. I enjoy sex with a guy. I enjoy sex with a girl. I don’t have weird ones like two guys at one time or watching guys make out.

AF: So fucking in a bed is good.  
I: Yes and in a shower is cool. Fucking outdoors in an Amazonian jungle is not for me.

AF: What is the weirdest place you ever had sex in a movie?
I: I had sex on a skating ramp once.

AF: Like skateboarding ramp?  
I: Yeah like a half pipe or what ever it’s called. And I was wearing roller skates. And let me tell you it’s not easy to fuck on roller skates.

AF: I bet. Do you have a message for your fans?  
I: Check out and sign up now.

AF: And what will they see there?
   I: Boy/girl. Me fucking myself. Me fucking my butt hole with a little very small toy. Me fucking girls. It’s me, who I really am. I do provide webcam on my site. And my new company site is

Read the whole interview and see the naked layout here NSFW

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