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It Looks Like What?

Who? How? uh, whut are you talking about Mike Posner?

According to this song the physically characteristics of ‘sex’ are as follows:  a nose ring, tights and ‘that ass’. I believe he mentions brains as well, but that’s more squishy then sex-y.

Take a listen for yourself:

Apologies for the lack of an actual video, I’m sure he’s got some brain child cooking up some safe for MTV erotica as we speak UPDATE: The video has dropped and the imagery really pushes the boundaries of silhouettes colored in glowing body paint. Not to mention all the booty popping.

For now I guess I’ll just have to treat you to some exclusive eye candy that we have coming in the New Year!

Quite honestly what ‘looks like sex’ is ACTUAL sex and we’ve definitely got plenty of that here. Happy New Years and Enjoy!

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