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It says Free Live Chat, Is it for real?

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I am always wary of sites that say, sign up free, or get something for free. Because free, often isn’t. Ya know what I mean? Once you get int there, they want your credit card number for some reason, even just to get in the “free” part. So since I am thinking of getting into the chat live biz I wanted to see what it was like from a consumer’s point of view. I have several friends that are cam girls and they have all recommended as the company to check out.

My friend Diamond Jackson works with them, and so does Alicia Hydra, who posts here.

Alicia is even building a website as we speak so we can do a free sexy live chat here on LIB. I’ll let you know in advance when that will be , we are still working on the details.

But anyway, I am getting off the subject. Back to They advertise “Sign up NOW. It’s fast, easy and free!   It also says that I can enjoy chatting with a video host now with FREE video chat! I’ll see about that!

Choose username.
Make up password.
Give e-mail address.
Access adult areas-check.
How did I hear about them- LIB.
Type in antispam code.
Click “continue”.

Well so far so good. It was easy and they didn’t ask for anything I didn’t want to give them.

Verify your e-mail address by clicking the link in the e-mail we sent you.

I didn’t get an e-mail. No it’s not in my spam. So I filled out another form that needed my e-mail again.  Still no confirmation. I sent a note to  customer service  at 422pm.

I never did get the e-mail to confirm, but who knows if that is something to do with AOL because I often don’t get e-mails people send me.  Customer service e-mailed me 7 hours later, ( Why does their e-mail come through? ) and that’s not bad at all.  I clicked the link they sent me, and  WHAM I was in!

10 seconds later I was watching ValianaTSlatina on my screen live, chatting and smiling. Then on to tetonavik, with huge natural boobs falling out of her too small pink bra. There were 5 or 6 people in the room chatting. As Tet showed us her cute little ass with a g-string stuffed up her crack. She was dancing around with some music playing.

I checked many rooms. There were shemales, couples, gay boys, but mostly hot girls. There were over 780 rooms open for live chat, out of the 28,000 (!) rooms. And those were just the LIVE people, you could also watch recorded shows, see galleries of photos.

I explored all over.

I came onto Monica Mayhem doing a live chat, but  she wasn’t typing back,  she was talking to the camera  and answering the questions that people are typing to her. She has a sexy Aussie accents.  I didn’t write anything to her, not sure she likes me much, lol. So I just let her answer questions that other people asked. She swallows. In her private life she likes boys to have sex with, and girls to make out with. She likes to eat guy’s asses and would like her ass eaten.  She has never used a strap-on on a guy. 

She rubs her boobs and talks dirty, “You can stick that big hard cock in between my titties.”  She is dressed in a sexy little outfit. If you want to see her naked and watch her masturbate you have to take her in a private room.  And of course the private rooms are where you do fork over some bucks, and have to pay for it.  She gets no takers so  she says goodbye.

I also watched a chat with XXXXcouples. It  was cool to watch and listen to a couple chat and answer questions. The husband talked about what a good dick sucker his wife was.  I could spend hours on there just window shopping. And It was exactly what it said. Free Live chat.

I was very happy with my free chat experience. Next I will try buying some time and going private. You can buy time with the people to go private where they get naked and sexy. And you can check a box so they can watch you on your cam too, if you want to. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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