Italian pornstar who promised oral sex to voters against PM

Don’t act surprised, promising sex as a reward for votes isn’t exactly a new thing. Madonna promised to give sexual favors to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton in the US election. Whether she fulfilled that promise or not is not clear.  Now meet her Italian counterpart, Paola Saulino, who had promised to reward Italian voters who voted against the Italian Prime Minister with a “present” in the form of ‘pompa,’ which is Italian slang for oral sex. The vote which decides the future of Italy’s constitution lead to a crushing defeat for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi‘s ‘Yes’ side, pitching the country into turmoil. Paola has ever since stuck to her promise and extensively toured Italian cities, telling her fans, “I am a woman of my word.”

The 27-year-old model lives in California and often posts nude selfies on her social media profiles.

I’ll be contacting my Italian friends with the aim of establishing how many of them received the blowjob.

Pompa tour

After the Italian referendum, Paola launched what she called the Pompa Tour (which loosely translates to the oral tour). During the tour, she claimed to have performed oral sex to over 700 men. There’s still a long way to go before she fulfills her promise to the millions of Italians who voted. She also got badly injured during the tour when a friend’s dog bit her on the face as a result of which she had to call off the tour to give the wound time to heal.

Speaking about the tour, she said; ‘Pompa Tour is still going. I mean Pompa Tour actually is my lifestyle. It’s my way to be free.

‘The doctor suggested me not to do big movements with my mouth for several months. ‘Reducing physical activity of my face helps it heal better, to cure the scar on the inside.’

The injury came after a friend’s dog jumped into her face and bit her injuring her nose, her mouth, and lips. Doctors expected that it would take nine months for the outside of her mouth to heal, after which she plans on getting back on the horse to continue her tour. Cities that geared up for a marathon of blowjobs include Rome, Florence, Bologna, Verona, Milan, Turin, Naples, Bari, Lecce, and Palermo. Any Italian who voted NO is urged to fill a booking form to be a part of the ‘party.’ The poster for the tour fittingly features the actress posing suggestively while licking a lollipop.

Her profile

Paola Saolino is 28 and currently resides and works in Los Angeles, California. There is no profile of her on Wikipedia, but I was able to establish that she was born in Naples, Italy on July 16th, 1989. She later moved to Rome and then Los Angeles to pursue her passion for film and theatre.

The young actress studied in an acting school in Rome and then took part in a film that was presented in a competition at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. She was later hired for two Argentine productions before starring the film titled ‘Me Crazy’ by Fausto Brizzi, albeit in a secondary role. She has also featured in others like First House on the Hill (post-production) Waitress, Frank and Ava (filming) Alida Valli Phonebook (pre-production).

She is also known by her nickname of Paolina, a name she uses on her Instagram page. She is notorious for her direct ways, mostly using her body as a way of expressing herself; her ideas, sexuality, and freedom. “I want to make people free with the example of my living,” she says. Giving free oral sex to people is a sure way to start.

She also regularly posts nude photos on Instagram for her more than 430,000 followers. Not surprisingly, she claims to be a big fan of orals sex. In one of the pictures, she is seen covering her pussy with a scarf belonging to her beloved football team Napoli.

Saulino’s promise is reminiscent of U.S. pop star Madonna’s offer of oral sex for those who voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the country’s presidential election. The singer did not ultimately follow through on her promise.

Banned from Instagram

With an Italian general election around the corner, Paola Saulino’s Instagram page has now been taken offline. According to her, she is unable to interact with any of her followers in what she thinks is a scheme to prevent her from similarly influencing the election she influenced the referendum. Apparently, politicians are worried she could make a similar promise that could influence the general election’s outcome.

She said: ‘They are scared that I could influence the result of the votes again. ‘They are scared that I might launch another Pompa Tour for this election,’ she said. ‘If I influence people that’s my business! I don’t want to pay the price for this.’ Call it the power of the pussy. With her influence partly attributed to the resignation of Italian PM (after the heavy defeat in the referendum), who would blame the politicians for being more cautious this time around?

Final Word

If you are in Italy, now you know that free blowjobs are coming to a town near you. All you need as a qualification is to have voted NO in the referendum. If there was ever a perfect time to be Italian, this is it!

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