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It’s 9-11. I’m Going to Depress You.

I’m going to Depress you today- It’s September 11th. It’s been SEVEN years since we were bombed. Can you believe that much time has passed? So many families will never recover from that day and their losses. I don’t think Americans will ever be able to say Nine Eleven without feeling a twinge of sadness and anger.

A friend of mine, Bryn Pryor, a very smart man, wrote about the bombing a few days after it happened. He sent the e-mail out to his friends. His views didn’t line up with the news we were hearing. His opinion seemed to be a bit on the Conspiracy Theory side. He said things in his e-mail that pissed some people off. But that was three days after it all happened.

If you read Bryn’s letter today, so many things are correct. He surmissed happenings in a different way then what was presented to us, and he was right.

It’s almost like Bryn wrote a modern version of Orwell’s 1984, his opinions then, that seemed off the wall, we find out now are true.

Whether you agree with none, some or all of what Bryn said seven years ago, you will come away thinking about what he wrote, and i think you will agree, he is a very smart man.

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