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It’s a Close Shave! (with noname jane)- Funny Stuff

It’s a Close Shave! (with noname jane) by Jon


1 The last clip I saw of you in a scene for Bellezza you still had a full bush. Why did you decide to shave it? Was it part of you fight against pussy odor? Ok, now that’s just rude, sick and wrong and no way to start off an interview. I shaved it because I got tired of it. Also my boyfriend doesn’t care for it. I’ve never had a problem with pussy odor even when I had a full bush. I bathe too much for that.

2 Before starting in porn did you shave your pussy? Can you remember the first time? I started shaving my pussy in high school. My boyfriend shaved me.

3 Have you done many scenes with a full bush? I think just one or two. But I’m not really sure what the porn industry and the public think is a full bush, because I’ve pretty much always had a bush on top, and
shaved down below. So if you think that any hair bigger than a racing stripe is a full bush, then I’ve done over 150 with a full bush. But if your talking super hairy girl never shaved in her life sort of bush, I’ve never let myself go like that. Even when I was doing the “natural” bush look, I still trimmed and shaved around the edges. I don’t care what anyone says, pubic hair that connects to your leg hair is un-attractive lol.

4 Who’s the hairiest woman you’ve done a scene with? Never done a scene with a hairy woman that I recall. I ate out a friend of mine who had a hairy bush though. You can floss after your done eating ?

4 Do you think there’s something kinky about men who like shaved pussies? I think its just easier access. One of the problems I had with letting my bush grow out down below was the hair getting stuck inside me when me and my man where fucking. The hair is irritating when your trying to have rough sex, because it gets in the way.

5 Is life for a porn star a constant battle against body hair? Guess it depends on how hairy the girl is before she becomes a porn star. But yes, I think we pluck, wax, shave and tweeze a hell of a lot more
than most housewives.

6 What are the pros and cons about being shaved? Pro’s: hair doesn’t get in the way when its not there, you can go a week without showering and not worry about your pubic region smelling like an armpit lol, its
smoooooooth, you can see if you have warts lol, no dingle berries Con’s: razor burn, ingrown hairs, no protection from rough sex, your little clit is exposed to drafts, you look like a little girl (if fully shaved)

7 Do you think a full bush is more of a turn off for men or for women? Depends on the person, but I like the way a natural bush looks, as long as its shaved from the clit down to the ass. It looks better than
a fully shaved one. Fully shaved girls look like their prepubescent. Its kind of twisted lol.

8 Do you like your men’s privates to be shaved or unshaved? Unshaved, but trimmed!

9 Are the sensations more intense when you’re shaved or unshaved? Nope, I didn’t notice a difference in sensation, except for the hair going up my vagina, that sucked.

10 For those who like natural women porn from the 70’s was the Golden Age. Full bushes and no boob jobs. The latter may be going out of fashion. Would you like a return to full bushes in porn? I think some nice fuller but trimmed bushes would be nice. Always shave from the clit down though. I once did a photoshoot with a girl and Lexington Steele and she shaved everything but her asshole. It was gross. lol I
don’t like hairy asses, on men or woman. Their like shit strainers. LOL

11 If you had to be shaved by someone during a scene who would you chose and why? Paul Nathan the magician. Because he can do it with a straight razor!

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