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It’s a SPORTS Filled weekend! by AL Blanco

by Al Blanco

I’ve noticed that many topics that start porn related on LIB segway into other unrelated topics, however it rarely, if ever, leads to a discussion about sports.  I think that’s very interesting because porn is considered to be a very “male” interest, as is sports.  One time recently there was an MMA discussion however that was only predicated by the fact that the post was about Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz.  This is my attempt to change that, at least for one post.

This weekend has been a great sports weekend.  Friday was the live broadcast of the 2009 NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony featuring a guy named Michael Jordan.  Growing up I never was a fan of Jordan for the sole reason that I am a NY Knicks fan, and it always seemed with a cruel surety that the Chicago Bulls would always come out on top against the Knicks.  Shit, at that time the only time the Knicks beat the Bulls in a playoff series is the year after Jordan retired for the first time following the murder of his father.

Without going into lengthy detail, it is my belief Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.  Further to that, he is also very possibly the most talented individual to ever play any sport.  No one player on any team sport has done more with less around him.

Jordan’s impact on the world of sports, race relations and globalization can not be denied.  Here’s a black guy from the south who rose to the pinnacle of fame.  Scratch that, he’s EXTREMELY black.  For a while I thought it was a contest between him and Wesley Snipes to see who could be the blackest man in America.  In the 80’s, however more pronounced in the 90’s, Jordan revolutionized sports marketing.  Off the top of my head I can name five brands he endorses or has endorsed: Ball Park Franks, Gatorade, Hanes, Nike and Wheaties.  He’s made movies, starred in a video with Michael Jackson, in short in the 90’s you could not be a larger figure than Michael Jordan.  Whenever he kicks, it’s gonna be a Michael Jackson like event.

Inducting Jordan was a given, however many watched the ceremony to see what exactly he would say.  Part of me is a bigger Michael Jordan fan that ever after that speech.  It was described as petty by some, however I would rather watch a person express genuine pettiness than contrived magnanimousness.

It left a bad taste in many because Jordan came off insecure and spiteful.  Jordan took a number of people to task throughout his life that didn’t believe him, impeded his progress or put him down.  He fervently explained it was those things which drove him everyday to succeed.  In fact he seemed to explain that with as much sincerity that he had for his love of basketball.  At times it was indeed surreal because while Jordan was never particularly articulate, he did always say the “appropriate” thing.  It was evident how much he was enjoying rubbing it in.  To me that’s real, I appreciate that even if it was in questionable taste; one can’t always do the classy thing.  To me, above all else, he was letting everyone know he just wasn’t born the greatest player ever, he worked his ass off to get there.  You can’t take him for granted.

Right now Roger Federer is playing Novak Djkovic at the semi finals of the U.S. Open of tennis.  Not only is Federer arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, he is also one of the classiest individuals in sports today.  I say he is arguably the best player because there are people that will argue anything, including that the world will end in 2012.  Why is he the best?  First off he has the most Grand Slam titles in history, currently one more than second place Pete Sampras, however Sampras never won all four Gran Slam events in his career, something Federe has done.  He has a 5 year streak of reaching the semifinals in EVERY Grand Slam event played.  He has reached 10 consecutive Grand Slam finals and 16 out of the last 17.  The list of his accomplishments go on for days.

I like Federer though because he is without question a good person, humble and tact.  For example, on Saturday Serena Williams caused controversy by berating an official for an extended amount of time over a bad call on her serve.  Her complaints happened to come on match point and the refs decided to penalize her a point, thus losing her the game.  Even John McEnroe thought it was too much.  John fuckin McEnroe, the biggest complaining bitch in the history of tennis.  I once saw Federer in the same exact situation however he kept it classy.  He mentioned something to the official, the official responded and that was that.  He was serving the other players match point and everything.  I’m happy he’s on top.  Every time you hear him speak you understand this guy is not an asshole; he is genuinely unassuming.

To cap it off, today is also the start of the NFL season.  I’ve never been to an NFL game.  People are always like no way, but it’s true.  Someone has to explain to me something.  From what I’ve been told, people really OD on the drinking at the tailgate parties.  One time I saw a story on Real Sports on HBO about it and it was completely insane.  Guys – and girls – straight chugging Jack Daniels in the middle of the day.  When I say chug, those mofos were guzzling that shit like it was Iced Tea.  It actually was kind of disgusting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to drink, but I don’t fuck with guzzling hard liquor.  Anyway, if so many people are so twisted, how come no one ever gets hurt walking up the steps?  Those steps seem like they are on a crazy incline, worse than a baseball stadium or a basketball arena.  I would think there are people that would get hurt at every game, but you never hear about it.  Up on the horizon are the baseball playoffs and the start of the NBA and NHL seasons, so its a great sports weekend indeed. 

To say I enjoy sports infinitely more than porn is an understatement.  I could spend the whole day watching sports, but would consider any day of all day porn watching pure torture.  Porn is like McDonald’s.  It’s good shit, but I could never eat it all the time.  Sports is like good chicken, millions of ways to cook it and good for you too.

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