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It’s Erection 2020 as Mr. Skin Names Salma Hayek as Most-Searched ‘President Erect’

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Mr. Skin announces the results of Erection 2020, where the undisputed leader in online celebrity nudes digs deep into its search engine and uncovers the most-watched cinema stars and pop icons – by state!

The breast-taking survey, sponsored by and highlighted in a colorful infographic at, shows that the clear winner this year – the ‘President Erect’ – is Salma Hayek, who won the popular vote in 11 states for her standout work in 11 nude roles, 14 nude scenes, 11 bare breast scenes, six bare butt scenes and one full frontal (for Frida).

Right behind her on Salma’s juicy tail is the legendary Dolly Parton, who was the second-most-searched Mr. Skin celebrity in five states, including Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Utah and Tennessee. Natalie Portman was the third most popular star, with top searches in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Carolina.

Other top star searches include Jessica Biel, taking Arizona, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley with Alabama, Alaska and Vermont, Ana de Armas with Washington, Maine and Ohio, Margot Robbie with Iowa and Nebraska, Rachel McAdams for Idaho and Kansas, Elle Fanning for Maryland and New Hampshire, and Alexandra Daddario with Indiana and South Dakota.

Mr. Skin did note some random search surprises in several states, including Amy Adams for North Dakota, Amy Schumer for Hawaii, Drew Barrymore for Arkansas, OG Wonder Woman Lynda Carter for Kentucky, Omarosa Manigault for Rhode Island, Pam Grier for Mississippi, The Brady Bunch’s Maureen McCormick for Delaware and horror queen Sheri Moon Zombie for West Virginia.

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