It’s Kim K’s 10 Year Anniversary – Not the One You Think

Can you believe that it was only 10 years ago that Kim Kardashian’s hot sex tape with rapper Ray J got out onto the internet? This has actually caused Ms. Kardashian to be the number one pornstar on popular tube sites like PornHub. This is the movie that started the whole rise of the Kardashian clan, who before then were just socialites who were well known. Kim was a hard worker before this all happened, even working as the assistant to another sex tape star – Paris Hilton. She also was working for big time celebs like Brandy – who is actually Ray J’s sister, and that might even be how she met him, but no one knows.

Since the release of this sex tape, which is actually the number one watched movie of all time, Kim and her whole family have risen up to levels of fame that are mysterious to all, even though she lives her life completely in the limelight. People wonder if it is all a show or if this is really all there is to Mrs. Kardashian West – who is now married to one of the most popular rappers of our day, Kanye West. Her whole family has benefitted from her sex tape exposure, because they’ve all been in featured in more than one popular reality TV show about their family lives. Right now, Kim’s net worth is at something like $51 million bucks! Ray J has also fared pretty well.

After the tape was allegedly illegally sold to a porn company, someone in the biz helped Kim get back the rights to her tape so she could at the very least profit from the movie being out there, and have some more control about what happened to it. Now, Ray J receives about $90k in royalties from the movies every few months, so he is doing alright with that! The movie was made when the then couple went to Cabo to celebrate Kim’s 23rd birthday. What couple doesn’t like to get a little bit kinky and film their sexual exploits when they are having a good time? However, when you are a sexy burgeoning reality star, you never know who you can trust with those types of movies. It’s strange because the movie was filmed in 2003, but it wasn’t leaked until 2007, which means someone could have had a vendetta against the curvaceous beauty.

Pornhub honored the historic release anniversary by tweeting a photo of the beautiful Armenian American starlet, and saying “Happy 10 year anniversary to our #1 pornstar @KimKardashian on her porn debut!!! #10yearsofrayj”

So, happy anniversary to Kim Kardashian and to all of the other sex tape divas out there!

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