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It’s That Time Already! AVN Pre-Noms says – In order to be eligible for a 2011 award nomination, a movie must be in release by Sept. 30th to qualify. Titles must be in stock with either 10 wholesale distributors or 100 retail stores. The eligibility period includes movies released between Oct. 1, 2009 and Sept. 30, 2010.

NL-AVN is gathering their pre-nominations to begin the arduous task of narrowing the field down to a semi manageable 15 or less entrees per category. I have to go thru my own reviews and those of my writers to see who we want to submit as our pre-noms. Feel free to leave your suggestions in comments.

I’m looking forward to my porn fest. I spend lots of hours screening or rescreening movies to see who really deserves my vote. And I do take the whole thing seriously. Although rumors always fly around about advertising dollars & politics buying awards, I can only go by my experience. I have found that in the several years that I have voted for the awards my picks score awards about 70% of the time and that’s pretty good odds.

Unlike many vocal “porn editorialists” I do think awards are important and do help careers and companies. While who wins each individual award what may not be perfect, in the overall big picture the cream does rise to the top as shown by the many success stories. 

So which movies and stars will take home the gold in January this year? I have some early favs in mind… How about you?

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