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“I’ve had enough boyfriends to last me a lifetime.” Briana Banks interview pt 3

Final part of my exclusive interview with Briana Banks. In case you missed them Click here for Part 1 and Click here for Part 2


B: We also had a bike scene. That was me and Angie and two guys. We did that at a Harley shop.
X: What did you do with four people?
B: We tried to keep it like two scenes going at once, with some interaction. I hate when there are three or four people focusing on one person, so that is why we put two girls and two guys.
X: It’s fabulous that you get to decide all this stuff!
B: Then we went to a gym and did a boxing scene. That was a boy/boy/girl.
X: Did you get to beat them up first?
B: No, but we had them hitting the punching bags, and than me getting trained, and it’s real natural makeup and more gritty. It’s so cool because we have the scenes that are gritty and than the ones that are beautiful. There is something for everyone. Then there is the pin-up girl scene. Everyone was awesome. I haven’t had so much fun on a set in a while.
X: That’s because you were the boss.
B: (Laughs) I was the boss, and I was in every scene, every single day for like five days straight.
X: And probably long days.
B: The first day was thirteen hours and I did a masturbation and then went into a girl scene. It was a really long day, but it came out beautifully so it was worth it.
X: I love the jewel pictures, and I love the jewels, I’d like to have a couple of those for my office, they are so huge!
B: I know. I have to get some of those for my house because I was seeing them in my dreams for a week afterward.
X: (laughs) I bet you were.
B: There had to be jewels in every scene. I’m sure we can spare a few for you, because we had hundreds.
X: I want purple and green ones.
B: I’ll save some for you.
X: I know that two of MY good friends, you and Marina (Marina Bond is a European magazine model) have become best friends, which I think is a wonderful thing. What are you two going to do together?
B: Me and Marina want to do a film under my company. I am not sure of the details yet. But it will be really hot because she has never done a scene before. I adore Marina and we have a lot of chemistry from our shoot in Paris. I think that will be the next movie I shoot. Something with me and Marina in it.
X: So you will be her first!
B: Yeah. Well her first on camera anyway.
X: Well you probably aren’t going to answer me if I ask you on tape about what you two have done not on camera…
B: (giggle, silence)
X: Marina is hot.
B: She is hot and she is such a wonderful woman. She is very kind. She has her crap together. She’s a real person.
X: She’s really warm and giving, and I am glad that you two met and fell in love. (laughs)
B: Only in Paris. (laughs) I flew all the way to Paris, just to meet her. I definitely look forward to working with her.
X: Marina told me that I get her first interview as a porn star. So that will happen as soon as you guys do your movie together. What is your five-year plan?
B: Oh no, not this again. You always ask me this. (Laughs)
X: Should I ask for a one-year plan instead?
B: No, that’s okay. My five-year plan is to build up Briana Banks Entertainment. I want to get a couple movies out with me in them and then I want to start getting contract girls. I want to get the company established and get things rolling and profitable.
X: I think that’s a wonderful plan. So what is the funniest thing that happened to you these days?
B: Funny? Well I hurt my ankle on the treadmill so I am sporting a cast. So it’s funny, but not funny.
X: I’m so sorry. I hope you get babied very well. Maybe Lee can make you a gem encrusted cast cover.
B: I think he will. I really think that 2009 is going to be filled with positive things. My life is changing. I really feel like I am growing as a person.
X: Are you growing more sexual? I know you did an all girl orgy scene for Vivid for Where the Boys Aren’t. Would you do more orgies?
B: Those scenes are okay, they are just kind of chaotic. Before I was a Vivid girl I did a five on one, which was me and five guys. That wasn’t really my thing. I don’t have anything against it, I just don’t get into that. You just feel like a sandwich by the time you get done.
X: You don’t know which dick goes wit h which guy.
B: Yeah, you are just flailing around like a bird.
X: Tell me about your perfect guy, because once and for all we need to find him.
B: (Laughs) I’ve come to the realization that my perfect guy doesn’t exist.
X: He does! You just haven’t found him yet. Don’t you watch the e-harmony commercials on TV? Or maybe we should sign you up on
B: I’m afraid of that kind of thing. I’ve had enough boyfriends in the last ten years to last me a lifetime.
X: They have at least cost you enough to last you a lifetime.
B: (laughs) Hundreds of thousands of dollars…
X: Well now that you have your own movie company you’ve got the sex covered because you can pick your partners, and you have lots of good girlfriends that are supportive.
B: I have lots of guy friends too. I don’t need a steady boyfriend.
X: No, you don’t. You can do anything you set your mind too. Do you have a message for your fans?
B: Thank you. I truly have the best fans in the whole world. They stick by m e, and I hope they enjoy all the new stuff I will have coming out. I have my new website coming out also. I will be running it myself called Briana Banks Reloaded.

Briana and I dedicate this interview to two very dear friends of ours, Jared & Gene, who decided to leave this world. We hope they have found the peace they were looking for, and we miss them very much.

Interview by Cindi Loftus

Photos Courtesy of Briana Banks Entertainment

Story Courtesy of and Magazine

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