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I’ve thought I seen it all … #Pornstar Lexi Jaxson proved me wrong

I’ve been in the adult industry a long ass time and I can quite honestly say I thought after almost 20 years I would have seen it all. Then I met a young girl by the name of Lexi Jaxson and she proved me wrong.

Lexi Jaxson

We do a lot of crazy shit in porn. We do threeways, gangbangs, lesbian orgies and double anal. Hell Audrey Hollander once took a baseball bat up her ass. I mean nothing really surprises me anymore in porn. Or so I thought.

In comes Lexi Jaxson and something she has now done, not once or twice, but an amazing four times! It’s called Face Fucking and it’s the most hardcore shit I think I’ve ever seen. Here is just a description of her 4th scene with them.

Lexi Jaxson Round 4… that doesn’t come often here. In fact, we must really feel that a whore puts in work to bring a bitch back 4 fucking times. Lexi Jaxson is that kind of bitch. She shows up, does whatever the fuck we want… and with a smile. This cunt is built for this. Today, we have a really extra special treat. Today, Lexi Jaxson gives up that little ass in a grand way. First off, this is her first filmed anal… not to mention DP. On top of that, she takes the pipe hard and fast up the crap chute. Her entire adult porno life lead her to this moment and when it finally arrived, she manned up and answered the call. But, of course, it doesn’t end there. Lexi is known for doing some of the filthiest acts of depravity we’ve seen… and this latest scene is no different. In fact, we made it extra gross!

Fans can follow Lexi Jaxson on twitter @LexiJaxson

Those who want to see the Lexi Jaxson round 4 at Face Fucking can do so by clicking here. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s seriously crazy ass hardcore shit.

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