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Ivy From Ghettogaggers

Sasha writes: “Saw a story on your site a couple months ago about some girl named Ivy who appeared on I was browsing the site today and came upon something that sent up a red flag so I thought I’d pass it along to your capable hands. Ivy’s video is still posted but her name has been changed to Tasha Knight. I remember reading that they had all the necessary paperwork on her and the shoot was 100% consentual but what I’m wondering is why would they change her name on the site if everything’s on the up and up? Are they trying to distance themselves from all the bad PR or is there something more sinister going on here? If that’s the case, they’re not doing too good of a job considering the description of the scene reads, “Ivy is from Ghana. Right off the boat from the motherland.” with the new name just above it. Nice cover up, huh?”

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