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J Wants to be a Pornstar and sends me his Penis Picture.

NL- First I want to really thank the Colonel for the pictures of penises I am receiving in my mailbox. Second I’d like to let you all know we have gotten the first entry in the Colonel’s “Want to be a Porn Star Challenge.”  “J” sent me the letter below along with two photos. His cock is big and he is in decent shape, and he’s not a bad looking guy with a nice smile. So best of luck J. I am sure the Colonel will keep us informed.


Hello Cindi,

Despite the fact, I don’t comment on the site directly (so I’m not really in the category of ‘keyboard loudmouth who thinks they can be Erik Everhard’), I would still like a chance to take up the Colonel’s offer to give a guy a small shot at being Male Porn Talent.

I’m a healthy, 37 year old, 5′ 10 1/2″ tall African-American weighing in at about 180lbs (I’m in decent shape).  I’m circumcised, 8 inches long and five inches in width (around).  The pictures sent are accurate (the one of me laying down was when I was probably about 10 pounds lighter).  Stamina is okay — the longest I’ve had sex until orgasm was 90 minutes to two hours…the average is an hour and the shortest was about 30/20 minutes.

I live in LA — and I can also get a full STD test from my healthcare provider (unless it’s crucial I have a test from AIM).  Otherwise, I guess that about covers it for now.  Thanks again for passing this info along to The Colonel.


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