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Jack Hammer Writes us from Prison…

On Sept 30th, 2009:
Jack Hammer Writes:
Dear Reader,
Whether inmates like myself are released now or five years from now, it
makes no difference. Eventually we inmates will be released regardless, and the
State of California has cut all “Rehabilitation Programs”. What that means is
that the issue of public safety remains unaltered.

There are over 10,000 lifers past their minimum release dates. These lifers
represent less than 1% of the State’s recidicism rate.

The non-violent low level inmates represent 78% of the recidivism rate within
two years. These are the inmates that represent the revolving door that keeps
the beds full.

The question here is: Will the State of California be fiscally correct, or will
it be politically correct?

The latter will simply mean higher costs, overcrowding, and releases at the
Federal Government’s discretion regardless of what the State has to say about

Instead of fear mongering, and the usual politics, don’t you think it’s time for
the State to wise up?

As a prisoner with a release date of 05-26-13 from Mule Creek State Prison, I
have a job and home waiting for me upon my release. Although I’ve has already
fulfilled my base term, what’s the point of keeping me caged like an animal? The
only reason why I continue to be locked away is to fulfill State enhancements
that only cost tax payers more money needlessly. I could be out on house arrest
with an ankle bracelet, while trying to better myself with work and taxes just
as any warm blooded American.

I hope to hear from anyone that would like to discuss this in the hope of
establishing new friendships. My return address is submitted below, and I’m
respectfully waiting to hear from you.

Best Wishes,
Jack Hammer
Troy Dean Mainwaring, T-90327
M.C.S.P, C-14-120-L
PO BOX 409060
Ione CA, 95640

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