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Jack Vegas Says He Is NOT Involved with PWL


…Vegas says he’s had issues with a certain male talent who’s apparently South’s “impeccable source”.

“He thinks I fucked him over a couple of days ago. It’s been real petty bullshit. This guy is planning on leaving Los Angeles, and he’s been putting out all kinds of crazy rhetoric,” says Vegas.

Vegas gives me the probable source’s name, and I’ll keep it out of this article for the time being.

“He’s [the source] real bitter and he’s been putting the story out there,” says Vegas noting that his girlfriend has been the subject of Wiki-scrutiny as well as good friends Dick Chibbles and Tommy Gunn.

“All of a sudden this story about Wiki leaks shows up,” says Vegas.

“Now there’s people on Twitter looking for my head on a stick as a result of the Mike South story.” ….

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