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Jack Venice Responds To Commenters

First, I want to say thank you for publishing the material about me with an open mind. As you are aware, one of your commenters has made an allegation of rape against me. It is false. Please allow me to respond. See the attached response.
-Christopher Jack Reid

Jack Venice responds to Devon’s allegations
Hello. This is Jack Venice. Regarding “ Kelli’s” post, I will first clarify that I am not 100% certain which Kelli this is but if she is the same Kelli who previously posted supportive information, then I sincerely thank her. However, she is wrong about the allegations involving the Shane’s World movie Devon does Baja.

Here are the actual facts: A few years ago, Shane’s World signed a contract with Devon. I knew that she was a pretty girl who was formerly contracted with Digital Playground and I looked forward to working with her. Devon does Baja was her first movie and it was shot in Baja, Mexico. The cast/crew included Carly Parker, Justice Young, Devon, myself, Rick Shameless (camera), Carey (production manager) and maybe a few others. There were at least 8 people, but it’s too far back to remember all the names. We were staying in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom beach house for 3 days. I slept on the sofa with Carly Parker every night. For those unfamiliar with Shane’s World, these trips are shot like MTVs Real World in the sense that the sex scenes are only one part of the movie. Cameras were rolling throughout the whole weekend.

Everyone who was there will verify that I was never alone with Devon. It is my understanding that Devon has claimed that the one scene that we did together was rape. I invite anyone reading this to go check out, watch the scene and judge for yourself.

For those who were there, I urge you to take these allegations seriously. I point out that her claims mean that all of you are accused of being accomplices. I humbly say to you all, go to my website, There, you will find that I was wrongfully convicted of being an accomplice to another man that admitted to rape.

Note to Devon and all other haters:
If you have evidence of a crime, you should report it to police. These scurrilous accusations that you have made against me in the past, and the ones surely to come in the future, not only affect me but also do a disservice to others such as yourself, those people listed above, Shane’s World, and the entire adult film industry that has treated you and me so well.
As for Kelli, in the interest of being fair, I ask that you speak with those that were in Mexico, watch the movie, and post your findings so that the truth can prevail.

To my supporters and all other truth seekers:
This is a prime example of being kicked while you are down. I have accepted it for nearly 4 years. Those days are over!!! From now on I will defend my honor with every breath of my being. Follow our war on jacked up justice at

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