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Jack Venice says He Was Wrongfully Convicted

NL- Porn performer Jack Venice aka Christopher Jack Reid was convicted of rape three years ago. Before the rape accusation Jack was living a happy life seriously dating Hannah Hilton, helping her raise her son, and starting a business.  It was quite obvious that the press used his PORN STAR occupation to pump up the story. The prosecution also used it to help convict him. Is he innocent or guilty? I don’t know the answer to that. But  a new website put up by his family & friends certainly presents some compelling evidence on his side. We never really got to hear Jack’s side of the story. It is a very interesting and enlightening read.

Here’s some of it-

“Christopher Jack Reid’s family and friends are fighting for his life and will not stop until he is released from Prison! Although the act of rape is the most horrific, disgusting and traumatizing thing anyone can endure, we strongly feel that being wrongfully convicted of rape is just as bad.

Before we continue it should be noted that we will be covering some touchy subjects. With that said, a collegiate dictionary defines rape as sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will of, usually, a female. The accuser in this case has not accused anyone of the kind of rape mentioned above. She claims that she woke up to find a finger touching her vagina. Christopher was with 2 men on the night that this took place; it was Kyle Schott and Colin Davis.

Kyle Schott admits to touching the accuser’s vagina with his finger. However the accuser never claimed Christopher touched her. He was at most only convicted of being an accomplice, because they claim he was in the room. Now, when you hear that someone has been sentenced to life in prison, your first thought is that he must have killed someone. If it is for rape he must have been a serial rapist, or at least have an extensive criminal history. None of the above is true in this case. After high school graduation in Houston, Texas, he served as a machine gunner in the Marine Corps for four years (2000-2004). He was stationed in California and Japan and fought in Iraq for the better part of 2003.

Well…….what’s the catch? After his military service, Christopher became a porn star. It was certainly not his parent’s proudest moment, as they expected him to attend college in Texas upon his discharge. At first they did not believe him. They asked him not to do porn but he said, “I love you both. I have thought this through. For now I am happy doing this. This is my unconventional free spirited way of living up the freedom that I just fought for in Iraq. It’s a legitimate business and I plan to treat it as such while having the time of my life and getting paid well.”


We want to stop for a brief moment to say thank you. Anyone reading this has an open mind and deserves our gratitude for taking the time to do it. The following information will prove how a small town stood together against a single man. They corrupted the legal system that Americans trust. They tore Christopher from his family, friends and life because they feared his way of living.

Christopher has always maintained his innocence. Listed below are some key facts that you should bear in mind while reading:

*Washington State has imposed an “indeterminate sentence” law pertaining to some sex crimes and other serious violent offenses. In a nutshell, Christopher was charged with rape in the second degree and because of the “indeterminate sentence” law, he is serving a life sentence with a minimum of 9 ½ years. That law means that the Department of Corrections can choose to release him but they do not have to. This was never explained to Christopher by his lawyer. He only found out about the life sentence after the trial. That is just UN-American as far as we are concerned. He would have taken a plea deal had he known he was facing life behind bars. (

*Christopher paid his trial lawyer $25k, $20k for a retainer fee and $5k if the case went to trial. Had there been no trial, his lawyer would have missed out on that extra $5k.

*Christopher’s bail was $200k; Kyle Schott’s bail was $100k

*Christopher drove 26 hours to turn himself in when he became aware of the charges.

*Kyle Schott was found at his home with no beard after word was spread that authorities were searching for a bearded man with shaggy long hair. The police found evidence there, a pair of sunglasses that Kyle Schott had stolen that night from the residence where the accuser had spent the night.

*Kyle Schott violated his bail agreements and went to jail for driving drunk.

*The accuser was in her final college years of studying child education. All other witnesses were college students at WSU in Pullman, WA, possibly contributing to bias.

*The two female forensic scientists, who did all DNA lab testing, were both WSU grads.

*There are no fingerprints, DNA, or evidence of any kind that puts Christopher in the room where the assault took place. He was charged, stood trial and convicted of the following:

1) Rape 2 @ Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority

2) Burglary 1 @ Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority

3) Residential Burglary @ Pi Beta Phi Sorority

4) Residential Burglary @ Delta Gamma Sorority

5) Attempted Residential Burglary @ Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity- the jury found him not guilty of this charge.”

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