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Jack Venice Turning Himself In Today For Rape Charges

From the Daily Evergreen:

Maker said the second suspect, 25-year-old Christopher Jack Reid, offered to pay for the pong beer with a $20, then allegedly shoved it down the back of his pants, and later put a beer pong ball down the front of his pants.

Reid, also known in the adult film industry as “Jack Venice,” started bragging to everyone that he was a porn star. He walked into Maker’s room and showed everyone his websites.

He even offered to give Maker about $500 to use his bed to film him having sex, and asked Maker to find some girls. Reid pulled down his pants and showed his penis, Maker said, so the roommates forced him out.

“Once he did that, we were like ‘You don’t have to go home, but get the hell out of here,’” Maker said.

Maker said Schott seemed like the more sober of the two, and mostly followed Reid around and laughed at his antics. Maker said Reid explained he traveled across the country, getting girls to have sex with him on camera. Neither of them showed they had a camera, but talked as if they film things often, Maker said.

Maker said he thought Reid said he was going to be headed to Vancouver, B.C., to film another adult movie.

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