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Jack Venice Writes Me…

I would appreciate if you allow me to post this:

To my supporters,

Your belief in me has helped sustane my drive in fighting back against the injustices in my case. Now I can prove what I have always known and that is that prosecutor Denis Tracy is a lying scoundrel!

Tracy had forensic scientist Lisa Turpen, of the Washington State Patrol, get on the witness stand and lie to the jurors about all of the DNA evidence.

Three DNA experts have written reports refuting the DNA analysis of Lisa Turpen. Their
reports are included in my petition to the Court of Appeals. This is all posted on

There you will find;

-I am excluded from all DNA evidance.

-There is sperm from “at least one” unknown male found in the accuser’s vagina.

-Police hid from me, the fact that the accuser picked another man in a photo line up at more certainty than she picked me.

I’ve been kept informed that many people out there have stood up for my honor. I am very

I trust that this new evidence is more than enough to take on any hater.

Jack Venice

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