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Jacky Joy On Penn State Troubles- Paterno To Retire-UPDATE

UPDATE-Paterno is Fired

From  Penn State University’s Joe Paterno has announced that he will retire at the end of the season after 45 years as head football coach.

The resignation comes after a child sex abuse scandal in which one of Paternos former top assistants, Jerry Sandusky, has been charged with seven counts of “involuntary deviant sexual intercourse.” Sandusky is accused of forcibly sodomizing young boys. One of those cases allegedly occurred in the shower of the Penn State locker room. A graduate assistant reported that incident to Paterno, who alerted the school’s athletic director but did not talk to criminal authorities. Paterno has not been charged in the case, but he faced widespread calls to resign for not fulfilling his moral responsibility.

Paterno has the most career victories of any coach in major college football history with 409 wins. His contract was set to expire at the end of the year.


Former Penn State Coed Jacky Joy Speaks Out on School Scandal
The Star of the Top 2 Movies in Adult Addresses Trouble at Alma Mater Today

VENICE, CA – Jacky Joy has tried her best to play down the fact that she went to Penn State. The truth is, some folks there had some problems with the way she went about paying for school, and Jacky has tried to keep a separation of work and State.

Last week while Jacky was in New Jersey working the fans at the Smutlife booth and everywhere else they could find her, a scandal broke out and it wasn’t among the porn stars at the eXXXotica NJ expo. As it turns out, Joe Paterno, who has coached Penn State’s football team for 46 years, failed to involve police following what the New York Times described as, “an alleged 2002 assault by the assistant coach Jerry Sandusky of a young boy in the football building’s showers.” There were also additional incidents with Sandusky. Two other university officials were charged with perjury after failing to report what they knew, while Paterno and Penn State president Graham B. Spanier are both facing tough criticism over their inaction.

“I think it’s sad that we live in a time when how well you coach a football team means more than how well you stand up for a child,” says Jacky. “Regardless of if he knew for certain, or was unsure, he should have made it a point to see it resolved in 2002. If he would have done his part to see it through, maybe there would be kids who wouldn’t have had to go through any sort of abuse. It’s just ridiculous and shows once again that money is more important than the well being of the students. I think everyone involved should be fired at the least, even Joe Paterno.”

In the Times Tuesday the paper reported that sources had said Paterno, the winningest coach in history at the highest level of college football, will not remain the coach at Penn State.

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Jacky will be in Los Angeles for the next week to perform for several companies and for more media opportunities.

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