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Jada Fire Interview by Alison of Pornochromatic

interview by Alison of

Alison: I’m here with Jada Fire at AVN 2009. Jada’s been signing
autographs all weekend and she is tired. So other than crazy fans, are
you having fun meeting your fans?

Jada: Yeah, both. I didn’t even know that they honestly, that they
really liked me. They like my ass.

Alison: So you’re signing in the Evil Angel booth. You’ve gotta be
sort of a dirty girl…

Jada: Yep. yep. yep. A little bit.

Alison: What are your favorite kinds of scenes to do?

Jada: Strap ons.

Alison: Men or women?

Jada: I don’t do no goddamn guys. Hey cameraman, you want me to hook you up?

Noah the camera guy: Sure!

Jada: [laughs] Yeah I like the DPs and all of that too.

Alison: Which girls are really fun to do strap ons with?

Jada: [looks around devilishly] I like the white girls

Alison: Yeah?

Jada: Yeah!

Alison: In the last couple years, what’s your favorite scene that you’ve done?

Jada: Oh man that’s a good question. Every single scene that I’ve done
with Manuel [Ferrara], Steve Holmes, and Erik Everhard. I can’t even
say like which one in particular but I can just say the guys that I’ve
done my scenes with.
And Annette Schwarz. That’s a nasty fucking German bitch.

Alison: She does some crazy things…

Jada: She scared the hell out of me on our first scene out there. She
was all quiet and I was like, “Aw man, I got me a little quiet girl?
Damn!” So I’m about to start the scene and, you know, making out…and I
had drank some orange juice and Holmes was going real deep in my
throat and I was like, “Oh shit, wait a minute! Oh god, oh, it’s
coming up! Oh shit!” I’m like, “Fuck it.” I just let it go, puked
everywhere, kept on going (cause I’m gangsta like that)….And Annette
ate it.

Alison: I’m sorry, I can’t….I’m trying to take this all in…

Jada: Shout outs to Annette Schwartz. You are the shit.

Alison: When she was doing that, were you just like, Holy shit?

Jada: No. It shocked me at first but I just had to keep going.

Alison: Stay in the scene?

Jada: Yeah, I just kept going. I kept going. I said, “Maybe, hey,
maybe she like it.”

Alison: You’re a real professional.

Jada: Normally girls would’ve stopped and said, “Wait a minute, why
did you just do that? Why are you eating that?” But hey, man. She is a
beast, man.

Alison: How’d the rest of that scene go?

Jada: It was good, man. I think we fucked for like 2 or 3 hours. It
was good. It was for, um, I think Jazz.

Alison: Jazz Duro?

Jada: Yeah…I’ve done some crazy shit.

Alison: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Jada: Every scene’s always different. You don’t know what’s going to
happen. Don’t matter if you done worked with that person a billion
times, it seems like something’s always just tweaked a little
different with each scene. And you’re like, “Damn. You didn’t do that
last time.”

Alison: Has anything worse than [Annette Schwarz eating your vomit]
ever happened to you on a set?

Jada: Damn, anything worse than that…I’ve been the strap-on girl for
like 30 white girls and a gang of them like, shitted on me.

Alison: That’s not cool.

Jada: That’s not cool. And I’m saying that for real.

Alison: How should they have prepared for the scene? What should they
have done differently?

Jada: I don’t know, just…Oh my god, eat a bran muffin or something. I
don’t know, shit all that out. Get that out. Because your intestines
is real long, so you can’t just think you about to clean out that one
15 minutes or something. It’s not gonna work. You gotta work that out
the day before, I think. And freshen up the next day. And if you’re
feeling sick, that you have diarrhea, you need to tell somebody. Don’t
just try to get the money cause you’re broke.

Alison: Jada, I can honestly say that this was the most entertaining
interview I’ve ever done.

Jada: Thank you. [laughs]

Alison: [laughing] Thank you so much.

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